An academic retreat, journal resubmissions, weird things researchers do, and more!

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An academic retreat, journal resubmissions, weird things researchers do, and more!

At the end of every month, we bring a bunch of interesting articles from around the web, to keep you posted about what is being discussed in the world of academia and scholarly publishing. This time, we’re bringing you some of the most engaging discussions from the academic twitterverse. Here are some great Twitter threads on topics that are close to researchers’ hearts. These range from an ideal writing retreat for researchers to the weird things they want to buy. Take a look at these discussions, explore the comments, and feel free to chime in!

A researcher’s ideal writing retreat

Initiated by Academic Chatter (@AcademicChatter), this thread asks researchers to answer a simple question: “What would be in your ideal writing retreat?” Initiating the discussion, Academic Chatter said, “I’ll be needing candlelight, incense, blue cheese, crackers, fresh bread and various jams, my guitar, several dogs, and some sleeping cats.” What great imagination! Such a retreat would indeed be calming and induce some of us to write more and write better! Here are some interesting responses to this question:


I have just had a paper accepted!

Anna Grosman (@anna_grosman) was really excited when she learned that her paper was finally accepted by the journal after seven rounds of revisions and resubmissions and shared this on her Twitter feed. She received an overwhelming response from the academic community that came forward to congratulate and motivate her as well as share similar stories of their own.  


What will graduate students buy when they can afford it?

This one's both interesting and amusing. Mary Lutze (@mary_lutze) spoke about how she polled her fellow grad students to ask them, "what things will you buy when you have a livable wage that you consider frivolous or too expensive now?" The responses she received inspired her to pose the same question to researchers on Twitter.


What is the weirdest thing you've done?

A senior scientist Dr Esther (@EstOdek) posed a simple question: "What’s the weirdest thing you’ve done in the name of science?" The responses she received ranged from inspirational to downright funny.

That was a quick roundup of some interesting conversations researchers had on Twitter. Did you come across something that we could have included here? Share the conversations with us! And watch this space for our next Twitter roundup next month!

Happy tweeting! And don’t forget to follow @Editage while you’re at it!

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Published on: Nov 29, 2019


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