Q: Can a paper get withdrawn in the revisions without the author's request after getting "acceptance with major revision"?

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I have submitted my paper nine months ago to one of Springer journals. My paper got the "acceptance with major revision" four months ago. I have sent the revisions with a response letter more than three months ago. I suddenly and unexpectedly saw my article withdrawn from the system now. I don't know what has happened. What could be the reason for this and what are my options?

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A journal editor reserves right to withdraw a manuscript at any stage of article processing as they are solely responsible for the content that would be published in the journal. Even if the paper reaches the publication stage, and the editor finds that it is non-compliant with ICMJE guidelines or that there is any other ethical misconduct—duplication of result, salami slicing, etc., the editor has the authority to withdraw the paper from further processing.

Nevertheless, you should consider writing to the Editor-in-Chief requesting them for a reason for withdrawal as you have the right to question them for such an abrupt action. It is also possible that there was some mistake or a system error. You should immediately write to the editor inquiring about this. Make sure to make it very clear in your email that you have not sent a withdrawal request.