Q: Can a thesis be revised and submitted to a journal?

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One of my colleagues suggested that I should revise my thesis paper and get it published as a journal article. Is this possible?

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It is possible to revise a thesis or a dissertation and transform it into a journal article. However, you have to remember that a thesis and a journal article are two completely different sub-genres of academic writing. Each caters to a different audience and sets different expectations.

Before you start revising your thesis, it is important to understand that the overall approach and format for a journal article would be different. For instance, a journal article would definitely be shorter than the thesis. Additionally, the literature review in the journal article would be shorter and more focused. The materials and methods section would ideally describe only the details of the methodology used and will not be an extensive discussion of the research approach. The results section of an article will discuss only the main findings and analysis and will not include all the findings.

To well understand the requirements of a journal article and how it differs from a thesis, you can take guidance from a senior colleague, a supervisor, or a mentor. You can do some reading online. To begin with, you can read this article on how a thesis or a dissertation can be converted into a journal article