Q: Can you help me select a good title for my paper?

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My paper is about Implementing a preliminary Urban Green Building Rating System for Iran. In this study, which has been done under the supervision of the Iran Environmental Protection Agency, I will present how we implement environmental models for constructions in each city of country based on their conditions, and how we are using SDI (Spatial Data Infrastructure) framework, in implementing a National Urban Green Building System. I wish to have a help for defining a suitable title for this subject.

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Thanks for your question. It is difficult to tell whether your title is suitable for your article without going through the entire manuscript. A very similar question has already been answered here: 
This answer should help resolve your query.
Answer: With the excellent guidelines in site, which describes how to define a good title, I myself was able to achieve a very nice title for my paper.It was great help for me. I will proceed using other sefull advises for other sections of my paper. My selection was as below: "Quantitative Urban Green Building Model for cities in Iran to overcome the local environmental anomalies: A Monetary approach" Many Many thanks to all fine group Best wishes Ali Madad