Emerging trends in bogus metrics, the future of open access, and more

Emerging trends in bogus metrics, the future of open access, and more

Jeffrey Beall is a librarian renowned for his activities against predatory open access publishing, and the author of the blog Scholarly Open Access, where he maintains a list of predatory publishers.

In this second part of our video interview (see part one here), Beall throws light on some disturbing new developments, such as creating bogus citation metrics and copying pages from legitimate journals, that the predatory journals are using as tools to lure authors. He also shares his views on where open access is headed and how the menace of publishing fraud can be dealt with. 
Donald Samulack, President, US Operations, Editage, Cactus Communications, speaks to Jeffrey Beall at the Council of Science Editors Annual Meeting held in San Antonio in May 2014 where they co-presented a session titled Predatory Publishers: How to Recognize Publishing Fraud.  


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