Webinar: Episode 2: Revolutionary way of getting your manuscript discovered by journals

Episode 2: Revolutionary way of getting your manuscript discovered by journals

Are you worried about how you may need to spend a lot of time going through complex journal processes until your paper is submitted to and accepted by the right journal? Wouldn’t it be great if the journal submission process could be simplified? Register for Episode 2 of our special two-part webinar series to understand how you can improve your chances of journal acceptance and simplify the complex process of journal publishing.

In this episode, Christopher Leonard, Director of Products & Strategy at Cactus Communications; and Clarinda Cerejo, Editor-in-Chief of Editage Insights, will talk about how the complex and long-winding journal publishing process can be simplified. Christopher will explain how the PubSURE platform offers a streamlined solution for authors by simplifying the process of initial submission, minimizing their risk of desk rejections, and connecting them with the most relevant journals that are willing to publish their work.

This is the second episode of our two-part webinar series powered PubSURE (an AI-powered marketplace that simplifies journal publishing) and organized by Editage. The series is designed to help you be fully prepared to meet your publication goals this year. In Episode 1, Christopher Leonard, Director of Products & Strategy at Cactus Communications; and Mary Miskin, Head of Editorial at Emerald Publishing, focused on the challenges researchers face when trying to get their papers published in relevant journals.

About the speakers

Christopher Leonard, Director of Products & Strategy at Cactus Communications

Christopher has worked in a variety of editorial, technology and product roles for twenty years in different countries. His previous roles include that of Head of Product at Emerald Publishing, Editorial Director at Qatar Foundation, Associate Publisher at BioMed Central, and Publishing Editor at Elsevier. Christopher has a well-rounded view of the academic publishing industry, having worked in the industry in different countries. He is passionate about building a better, more supportive publishing space for researchers and his current role at Cactus Communications enables him to pursue his passion of redesigning academia by placing the researcher at the center. He is also a great writer, avid Twitter monger, and a big fan of design, fonts, and accessibility. Christopher has a PhD in Color Chemistry from the University of Leeds, UK.

Clarinda Cerejo, Editor-in-Chief, Editage Insights; VP, Content and Community, Cactus Communications

Clarinda is busy ensuring that the global Editage Insights platform serves the learning needs of authors. Her focus is on building a close-knit community of researchers bound by each other’s goals, aspirations, emotions, and experiences. She is also currently spearheading the CACTUS Mental Health Survey that aims to identify joy and stress triggers among researchers and initiate a global dialogue about mental health in academia. Clarinda is passionate about scholarly publishing and has met and interacted with several industry professionals online and offline. She is passionate about conducting research and engaging in scholarly communication through academic papers, blog posts, and opinion articles. Details about her publications are available on her ORCID profile: http://orcid.org/0000-0003-3161-6951.