Q: How do I write a rationale for research in science?

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The rationale for research basically outlines why you wanted to conduct research on the topic of your choice. The rationale is the justification of the study, and specifies the need to conduct research on the topic. In science, in fact, it is easier to come up with a rationale for research.

You should first do a thorough literature review to understand what is already known in your field of study and to identify the gaps in knowledge or the problems that are yet to be solved. You can then justify that your study will address a gap in knowledge that exists in your field since no previous research had been done on this particular aspect. 

The Introduction section of your research paper will begin with a background followed by a literature review. Once the literature review is done, the next paragraph would indicate the gaps in the current literature and then lead to the rationale or justification for your new study. 

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