Q: How long does 'Decision in process' take for Paddy and Water Environment Journal?

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Does anybody have experience with Paddy and Water Environment publication procedure? We submitted a paper to this journal and got "minor revisions". We resubmitted the revised version in February; and on April 2nd, the status of the paper changed to "Decision in Process". Do you know how long does it (Decision in Process) take with this journal? My experience with some other journals is that it is much quicker. We wrote to the handling editor and he said he had made the decision, but his decision is not the final. We wrote to the Editor in Chief and Managing Editors, some days ago, but have received no responses. Any ideas?

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Generally, the final decision is taken by the Editor-in-chief (EiC) while the handling editor or Associate Editor can just give his or her recommendation. Usually, the handling editor does not take too long to give his or her decision, but when the paper goes to the EiC’s desk, it may take some time depending on how many papers are already lined up before yours. In this system, all the handling editors send their papers to the EiC for final decision; hence the EiC has to give the final decision for all papers that have been peer reviewed. With such a large number of papers to handle, it will naturally take time. I think you should just be patient and wait your turn; it is best not to write to the EiC or other editors at this stage as they may not like to be bothered. I hope you get your decision letter soon.