Q: How should I write my paper according to the IEEE conference proceedings format?

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It would be great if you teach me what is IEEE conference format and give some helpful tips to work on it.

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A conference paper is usually a report based on your conference presentation. The first draft of the paper is generally created at the time of the oral presentation. After the presentation, you can write a more detailed revised draft and publish it as conference proceedings. The focus of your paper should be limited to the work presented during the conference. Do not include any work done after the conference, as the purpose is to report what you presented at the conference.

As mentioned in the IEEE website, IEEE does not require a specific format for a conference paper. However, the website provides free templates, both in MS Word and LaTeX, that can be used for writing the paper. You can find the templates here.

The basic structure of a conference report is quite similar to that of an original research paper, only not as detailed. A conference paper includes the following elements:

1. Abstract

2. Title and affiliations

3. Introduction

4. Proposed method

5. Experimental data and results

6. Conclusions

7. Acknowledgments

8. References

Use clear section headings and subsection headings. All text, including title, headings, references, quotations, figure captions, and tables, must be typed double spaced with one-inch margins all around. For all other style and formatting issues, you should follow the APA style manual.