Q: How to come up with research objectives for a project on international entrepreneurs?

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I am in the process of starting a Master’s research project on the challenges and opportunities faced by international entrepreneurs in developing countries. It’s a case study of Tanzanian importers and exporters in Dar es Salaam. Please assist me with how to come up with research objectives.

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This would be an interesting project! For any research project, it is important to first start with reading the literature on the topic and talking to other experts in the field. A good literature search will inform you about all that is known in the field and will also guide you towards questions that are yet to be answered. You may use these gaps in literature to frame your own research objectives. These research objectives should be achievable, that is, you should design your study such that no matter what your results and findings are, they will add new information to the current literature and help advance the field.

You will find interesting inputs on how to go about determining these questions in the links below:


i writing about real estate objective of the research.