Q: How to write the expected results and discussion in a research proposal?

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How to write the expected results in the research proposal on the topic of an injector sleeve test?

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It is difficult for me to give specific inputs on your topic as I am not familiar with your area of research. I can, however, give you some generic guidance on how to write the expected results and discussion sections of your research proposal.

Writing about the expected results of your study in your proposal is a good idea as it can help to establish the significance of your study. On the basis of the problems you have identified and your proposed methodology, you can describe what results can be expected from your research. It’s not possible for you to predict the exact outcome of your study, therefore, your expected results need not be accurate. But you can define the overall outcome that can be expected from your research.

It is not mandatory to have a discussion section in your research proposal. However, if your institute prescribes it, you will of course have to include this section. In the discussion of your research proposal, you can connect data analysis and possible outcomes to the theory and questions that you have raised. This will also be a good place to briefly explain the significance of your work.

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