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Join industry experts as they discuss open access and climate research

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Why is it so important to invest time in developing a deeper understanding of open access?

  • The US Government has recently revealed big changes to the open-access policy.
  • In the wake of COVID-19, there was a universal call from global and national authorities to make research on COVID open access, and most research related COVID eventually was published open access.
  • There are geographical differences in open access mandates at national and funder levels.

This is only the tip of the iceberg! This Open Access Week we are going to touch upon many more relevant topics and will bring to you different perspectives from various industry experts!

Holistic theme coverage, thought-provoking discussions, diverse experts, multiple resources on critical open access subjects specially curated for this event! Don’t miss out on all this.

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Events and Resources




Finding funding sources to cover the article-processing charges of open access journals


One of the barriers for researchers who wish to publish their work in open access journals is the article-processing charges. An open access expert will share knowledge, tips, and resources on how researchers can navigate this barrier and find funding sources that will enable them to publish their work in the open access journals of their choice.

Guest expert

  • Vrushali Dandawate – Librarian, AISSMS College of Engineering, DOAJ Ambassador India




APC funding, sustainability of OA for publishers, and more

Guest experts

  • Sara Uhac – Chief Executive Officer, IntechOpen
  • Danijela Duric – Director of Book Publishing, IntechOpen
  • Natalia Reinic Babic – Head of Journal Publishing and Open Science, IntechOpen




Why climate research should be made open access?


Experts will share their views on why climate research should be published open access across formats from multiple perspectives, including urgency of the crisis, climate injustice, integrity of climate research, climate-related education, and global collaboration on climate action.

Guest experts

  • Travis Tai – Climate Researcher, Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada
  • James Robinson – Climate Researcher, Lancaster Environment Centre, Lancaster University, Lancaster, United Kingdom
  • Dominique de Roo – Vice President, Marketing, Brill
  • Stephanie Veldman – Head of Open Research, Brill
  • Rachel Martin – Global Director of Sustainability, Elsevier




What can COVID-19 teach us about making research on climate change open access?


Open access experts will reflect on key lessons emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic on the publication of critical research open access. They will discuss how these can inform the approach to dealing with the climate change crisis better from different perspectives: stressing on the urgency for open access to climate research, adopting approaches to make OA publication of climate research sustainable, and addressing issues related to research/publication ethics and potential misinterpretation of research findings.


2 PM UTC | 10 AM ET

Guest experts

  • Alison Mudditt - Chief Executive Officer, PLOS
  • Harini Calamur - Head, Impact Science, CACTUS
  • Dr. Jacob Wickham - Academic trainer, and Managing Editor, Integrative Zoology
  • Moderator: Mriganka Awati – Senior writer, Editage Insights, CACTUS


  • What every researcher should know about open access
  • How to identify predatory and hijacked journals
  • Community speak: What does open access mean to you?
  • Open Access trends in publication of climate research
  • Decoding the future of US academic publishing: Experts' views on the OSTP memo

Watch this space for updates. We'll also share details on email.


Frequently Asked Questions

International Open Access Week is a global, community-driven, week-long event to encourage accessibility to research. Organizations, institutions, and individuals around the world come together to discuss the pre-decided theme of the year, typically borne of current dialogs around open access. This year’s theme is Open for Climate Justice.
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International Open Access Week is organized since 2008 by the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition (SPARC), which is a non-profit advocacy organization, in partnership with the Open Access Week Advisory Committee. The official hashtag of Open Access Week is #OAweek.

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