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International Society for Medical Publication Professionals announces 2nd Asia Pacific Meeting

International Society for Medical Publication Professionals announces 2nd Asia Pacific Meeting

The International Society for Medical Publication Professionals (ISMPP) announces its second Asia Pacific Meeting, being held 5 September 2017, at the Hilton Tokyo in Tokyo, Japan.

ISMPP established its Asia Pacific Meetings, first held in 2015, to offer an educational opportunity for individuals in Asia Pacific to learn about trends and issues impacting medical publications in the region and internationally, and to build their knowledge of ethical and effective publication practices.

“Peer reviewed publications are the basis for informing decisions around medical practice - the findings of published research influence treatment choices and patient outcomes,” stated Martine Docking, chair of the ISMPP Asia Pacific Program Committee. “It is, therefore, very important that medical publications are ethically produced, accurate, and transparent. Publication guidelines provide the framework that ensures these goals are met.”

The Asia Pacific Meeting offers an opportunity for those working in medical publications to discuss implementation of publication guidelines in real-life situations, and look ahead to how key trends in research will impact publication practice.

  • Christine Laine, Editor-in-Chief, Annals of Internal Medicine, will present the Keynote Address, sharing a journal editor’s perspective on Good Publication Practices (GPP) and other publication guidelines.
  • Professor Wilfred Peh, President, Asia Pacific Association of Medical Journal Editors (APAME), will lead a session on “Surviving Peer Review,” presenting insights on the journal peer review process.
  • Other sessions will discuss the impact of major international and Asia Pacific trends in medical publications, and best practices for industry and local authors to work together in developing medical publications.

Elvira D’souza, Senior Vice President, Medical Communications, Cactus Communications and co-chair of the ISMPP Asia Pacific Program Committee expressed her enthusiasm about the upcoming event, “We are thrilled to increase awareness about Good Publication Practices and help medical professionals navigate the Peer Review process ethically. Such initiatives are imperative to guide the future of Medical publications from the Asia Pacific region.” Cactus Communications, better known in Asia as Editage, is an active member of the ISMPP and is committed to ethical publication. In addition to supporting ISMPP in its mission, Cactus will also be exhibiting at the event in Tokyo. 

Information about the Asia Pacific Meeting program, location, and registration is available on ISMPP’s website at Online registration is open through 10 August 2017.

The International Society for Medical Publication Professionals (ISMPP) is an independent, nonprofit organization with over 1,500 members globally from the pharmaceutical industry, communication agencies, medical journals, medical writers, and academia. ISMPP’s membership has grown steadily since its inception in 2005 when there were over 300 members, to 1,000 members in 2010, to more than 1,500 members today, reflecting the increasing importance of medical publications and ethical publication practices. The Society’s goals are to support the educational needs of medical publication professionals worldwide, and develop best practices that ensure the ethical and effective publication of medical research to inform treatment decisions. ISMPP’s mission is to enhance integrity and transparency in medical publications; improve standards and best practices; and foster education, advocacy, and professional collaborations. Access information about ISMPP at

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