Q: Is it okay to correct an error in a published paper?

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I found a small error in my published paper. I might have missed it while proofreading. Should I inform the journal? I wish to correct the error as I am afraid it may mislead readers. But it's been nine months since my paper has been published. Will this have a negative impact on my future publications?

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Since the error can be misleading, it is best to inform the journal about it. You can write to the journal mentioning the error, the correction, and how it can impact your paper. The journal will then either update the online version or add a note, comment, or erratum.

This should not affect any of your future publications. In fact, you are displaying academic honesty and commitment to your work by pointing out the error and trying to correct it. Errors do occur, and there are ways to fix them. Some journals such as PLOS allow authors and readers to post comments and corrections on published articles.