Join upcoming webinar by Cabell's International on their new journal blacklist and whitelist

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Join upcoming webinar by Cabell's International on their new journal blacklist and whitelist

On June 15, Cabell’s International released of a list of questionable journals called the Journal Blacklist, which the company describes as “the only blacklist of deceptive and predatory academic journals.” The pay-to-view list includes more than 3,900 journals that have been analyzed using 60 behavioral indicators such as misleading metrics and irregular publication practices. The company also maintains a whitelist that enlists trustworthy journals. Cabell announced on June 21 that Altmetric Reports, a measurement of journal media mention data, will be integrated into the whitelist database.

To demonstrate the Journal Blacklist and Altmetric Reports, Cabell is organizing a webinar Cabells Whitelist & Blacklist Demonstration; New Web Interface and Features that will take place on will take place on Monday, July 17, 2017 at 10 am CST. The webinar will be conducted by Cabells Senior Project Manager Lucas Toutloff, who will present:

  • A demonstration of the Journal Whitelist — a curated, searchable database of over 11,000 journals covering 18 disciplines — connecting researchers, librarians, and administrators to verified, reputable publications.
  • A demonstration of the newly released Journal Blacklist, the industry's only data-driven listing of likely fraudulent academic journals.
  • An introduction to the new Cabells brand identity, website interface, and new and improved features.

Register now for the webinar to know about the Journal Blacklist and Altmetric Reports. 

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Published on: Jul 13, 2017

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