Join us in celebrating Peer Review Week 2021 – the largest global academic event!

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Join us in celebrating Peer Review Week 2021 – the largest global academic event!

It’s that time of the year when the global scholarly community comes together to celebrate peer review and to bring to the fore the current challenges, expectations, perspectives, and evolving trends in peer review. We’re excited that Peer Review Week 2021 is just around the corner – September 20 to 24!  


As you know, Peer Review Week is an annual event dedicated to one of the most pivotal processes in academic publishing – peer review – and each year explores a new theme around it. This year’s theme Identity in Peer Review was chosen unanimously by the scholarly community through an open global survey, indicating that the topic resonates with the community.


We’re gearing up to converse about the various aspects of the theme for this year. Have you ever wondered: Do researchers around the world get equal opportunity to review papers irrespective of their career stage, ethnicity, gender, and nationality? Does personal identity influence the way a peer reviewer evaluates a paper? How can you as a peer reviewer ensure objectivity? If you have, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll be discussing these and more such pertinent questions during Peer Review Week 2021.

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Cactus Communications (CACTUS) has been a proud organizing member of the Peer Review Week committee since the past 7 years and this year our flagship brand, Editage is driving our activities this year. So we can assure you this year the scale of celebrations will be bigger, bolder, and better! We will be bringing you thought-provoking conversations with experienced researchers, peer reviewers, and publishers.  


Each day of the five-day event will explore one crucial aspect of the theme Identity in Peer Review, through live sessions, articles, interviews, and more! Wondering what these are? Check them out below and join the conversation!


September 20, 2021: Diversity in Peer Review

We kick off Day 1 with peer review perspectives from peer reviewers and researchers with diverse identities.

Live session of the day: Identities in peer review – Understanding author, reviewer, and journal perspectives


September 21, 2021: Mental Health and Peer Review

On Day 2, peer reviewers and authors weigh in on the impact of peer review practices on researchers.

Live session of the day: Managing peer review – How do authors and reviewers handle it?


September 22, 2021: Expertise in Peer Review

Day 3 is dedicated to understanding peer review and building your identity as a peer reviewer.

Live session of the day: Behind the scenes: How a peer reviewer reviews a manuscript


September 23, 2021: Inclusivity in Peer Review

On Day 4, we discuss what peer reviewers, journal editors, and publishers can do to foster inclusivity in peer review.

Live session of the day: Should early career researchers be appointed as peer reviewers?


September 24, 2021: Identity in Peer Review

The final day of Peer Review Week 2021 is all about acknowledging the impact of personal identity on peer review

Live session of the day: Does who you are influence how you conduct peer review?


For more details about the event and to sign up for Peer Review Week 2021, CLICK HERE.


5 Reasons why Peer Review Week 21 is unmissable!

  • Interactive webinars with experienced peer reviewers, journal editors, and other industry experts
  • Curated reads and fresh insights on dealing with peer review comments, becoming a peer reviewer, etc.
  • Daily newsletters with discussion summaries, webinar recordings, giveaways, and other exciting resources
  • Opportunities to connect with a diverse group of academics from around the world
  • A downloadable insights report from Peer Review Week 2021

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How to stay in the loop

  • Join the conversation by signing up for Peer Review Week 2021
  • If you’ve signed up, check your inbox every day of the PRW for updates from
  • Follow these official Peer Review Week hashtags on Twitter: #PeerReviewWeek21 and #IdentityInPeerReview
  • Visit the official Peer Review Week website here to know more about the theme

Peer Review Week 2021 gives us an opportunity to further the dialog on making the scholarly community a more inclusive, diverse, and equitable space where individuals irrespective of their individuality can come together.

So don’t miss the chance to join your voice! Become part of this event now!

Peer Review Week 2021 – Frequently Asked Questions

What is Peer Review Week?

Peer Review Week is an annual global event that brings together academics, researchers, and journal publishing professionals to discuss and celebrate the role that peer review plays in the dissemination of research. Each year, Peer Review Week is anchored around one theme, typically borne of current dialogs around the peer review process. This year’s theme is Identity in Peer Review; you can read more about the theme here.


Who is involved in organizing Peer Review Week?

Several organizations and individuals from the scholarly publishing industry volunteer to organize Peer Review Week each year. The organizing committee includes publishers, journal editors, researchers, librarians, science communicators, research support and editing organizations, and scholarly publishing professionals from across the world. CACTUS has been a Peer Review Week organizing committee member since 2016, and continues to essay this role with pride for Peer Review Week 2021.


How can I be part of Peer Review Week 2021?

It’s simple! Just sign up to join us for Peer Review Week 2021 (September 20-24). With a single sign-up, you will be eligible to:

  • Receive daily updates along with a host of other resources and benefits
  • Attend free webinars and interact with experts as they share their views on peer review

We welcome guest posts too! If you wish to share your thoughts, personal stories, or experiences with peer review – either as an author or as a reviewer – write to us at

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Published on: Sep 01, 2021


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