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Mary Nishikawa
| Pre-submission peer reviewer, editor, and medical writer
Mary Nishikawa

Mary Nishikawa is a Board Certified Editor in the Life Sciences and works as an academic trainer for Cactus Communications, in Japan.

After receiving her MA degree in Biochemistry from City College, City University of New York, Ms. Nishikawa taught undergraduate chemistry for a community colleague and advanced placement chemistry for the New York City Board of Education. After that, she was a protein biochemist at Hoffmann-La Roche, where she worked in the early stages of AIDS research. This led to the commercialization of the protease inhibitor, Invirase. While at Roche, Ms. Nishikawa met her husband and moved to Japan, transferring to Nippon Roche Research Center as document reviewer and editor. She became president of a virtual company that trained researchers at the center. Her review and editing of papers helped researchers publish in journals, such as Science and Cell. After Nippon Roche, she worked at the technology center of Schlumberger, in Japan. There, Ms. Nishikawa was a technical editor, webmaster, and end-user developer of a documentation management system. She facilitated an XML user's group and co-led a web technologies community of practice for 1,500 members in Schlumberger worldwide. Ms. Nishikawa wrote and presented papers on information management at Extreme Markup Language Conferences, still read by specialists today. At that time, she was an ISO project editor for the IEC JTC 1/SC 34 Document Description and Processing Languages Committee.

For the past eight years, Ms. Nishikawa worked at the Medical Tribune, Inc. in Tokyo, as project manager, editor, writer, and foreign news analyst, where she reviewed published research articles and wrote over 50 articles for the newspaper. She has reviewed and edited research reports of professors in Thailand, Taiwan, Korea, and Japan.  She wrote a newsletter and facilitated advisory board meetings for Japanese pharmaceutical companies. She was also an English journal editor of Medical Tribune academic publications. She is a member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Here are some topics prepared and presented by her. 

  • How to write a high-quality research paper
  • Writing to publish
  • Strategy and tips for writing a research paper
  • Peer reviewer training



Events by this Trainer

Under Workshop | December 20, 2014
PRISMA and CONSORT reporting guidelines used to review RCT, meta-analysis, and systematic review papers and write reports for drug submissions to regulatory bodies
Writing to publish, according to regulatory guidelines for drug submissions or reporting guidelines for randomized controlled trials, meta-analyses, or systematic reviews, were the hot topics of a... Read More
Under Workshop | Hiroshima, JP | November 20, 2014
Publication ethics, medical writing, peer review, editing, On Being a Scientist: A Guide to Responsible Conduct in Research, scientific misconduct,
Graduate students of Hiroshima University had the unique opportunity to discuss ethical dilemmas in research, work on activities to improve their writing, and learn how to perform a thorough review... Read More
Under Workshop | Tokyo, JP | July 01, 2014
This write up summarizes the key learnings from the full day workshop on Writing to Publish. Aside from writing tips, plagiarism, ethics, and data management are the key concepts discussed. 
Under Workshop | Tokyo, JP | June 16, 2014
Mary Nishikawa talks about the workshop she conducted at the Department of Astronomy of Tokyo University. Through this write up, she summarizes the key takeaways of this 2 hour session. 

Expert Faculty


I find Editage Insights as a quite useful forum for the scholars, especially for these who are not very experienced with the long process of manuscript writing, editing, submission and response to reviewers. I've found there solutions of some my issues and I would highly recommend Editage Insights to my colleagues.


Martin P. Marinov
, Institute of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research
Editage Workshop

I learned important points of presenting and writing scientific research during Editage workshop. Looking forward to see you again!

Caglar Macit
Researcher, Pharmacy , Yeditepe University
Editage Workshop

I gained valuable information about research publication process and oral presentation at Editage workshop

Onur Sercinoglu
Research Assistant, Bioengineering Department , Marmara University
Editage Workshop

I found the workshop really beneficial. I hope to attend all workshops of Editage within Turkey! Thank you.

Azade Yelten
Research Assistant, Materials Engineering , Istanbul Technical University
Editage Workshop

Since I am at the beginning of academic career, I came ITU workshop to learn about an introduction to research papers and Editage workshop met my expectations. Thank you!

Hakan Selvi
Ms Candidate & Research Assistant, Computer Software , Boğaziçi University
Editage Workshop

It was an excellent training full of information on how to write a scientific article. The examples used in the presentation were very good.

Dr. B Sevinç MESBAH
Asst. Prof., School of Foreign Languages , Dokuz Eylul University, Izmir, Turkey
Editage Workshop

I learned the clues about how to write a scientific research paper. The workshop was very beneficial for researchers.

Research Assistant , Dokuz Eylul University, Izmir, Turkey
Editage Workshop

Sound system, checking desk, welcoming Editage personnel..All was professional. It was an excellent training full of information.

Firdevs Sağlam
Faculty of Educational Sciences, Fine Arts , Dokuz Eylul University, Izmir, Turkey
Editage Workshop

I am a research assistant and I am about to get my PhD degree. I will be an academician so I need this kind of workshops. Thank you Editage!

Gunes Kucukyazici
Research Assistant , Industrial Engineering, Istanbul Technical University
Editage Workshop

Now I know how to write a cover letter. Editage workshop showed me practical ways to prepare my research cover.

Medical Sciences Anatomy Student , Dokuz Eylul University, Izmir, Turkey
Editage Webinar

Very informative, emphasizing importance of social media site. Thanks!

Kumarakurubaran Selvaraj
Graduate Student , University of Saskatchewan, Canada

Editage Webinar

Excellent webinar! Thank you


Andreas Lunacek
Urologist , Hanusch Krankenhaus Austria

Editage Webinar

Very important for researchers. I will use these information when teaching for my medical students- Thank You!


Alberto Arbex
Faculty , IPEMED, Brazil

Editage Webinar

Thank you so much for your informative webinar. I found it very useful as you've both introduced and explained tools for networking and discussion which I know I will want to use to further my research profile.


CS Lee
PhD Researcher , NUI Galway, Ireland

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