My baby turned 5 today!

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My baby turned 5 today!

Dear reader,

It’s very rare to find me at a loss for words. If you’ve met me or even read some of my emails, you’d be able to quickly tell that I tend to be quite chatty and have a ready outpouring of words for any occasion. But I’m quite stumped as I write this email. It’s a bit too much history and emotion to capture in writing but I’m going to mull over this for as long as it takes to pen down my thoughts.

I have a baby that just turned 5! A baby that I created after months of planning and discussions, writing and rewriting, going back and forth on decisions, sleepless nights, and longer work days than I had ever had before. If you haven’t guessed by now, I’m talking about Editage Insights whose fifth birthday we are celebrating today!

Editage Insights was born five years ago with the grand vision of growing into the world’s largest community of researchers, a place where researchers globally can get practical learning and advice throughout their tumultuous and unpredictable journey to publication, a place where they can have their questions answered by experts, a place where they can benefit from the perspectives of more experienced researchers, a place where they can share stories with other researchers making the same journey in other parts of the world.

Five years in, my co-parents—the whole Editage Insights team—and I feel so proud and overwhelmed to look back at how beautifully Editage Insights has grown into a thriving community of over 300,000 researchers globally. We find it so enriching to interact personally with researchers from different corners of the world every day; to hear about their struggles, the accomplishment they feel when they get a paper published after multiple rejections, their experiences with great mentors, the challenges they face in balancing their professional and personal lives, and all the unique emotions that accompany the academic life. 

For its fifth birthday, we’ve given our baby a major makeover in look-and-feel and features, based on all the feedback we’ve received from our community members. We’ve learned that that the challenges that researchers face are so different at each stage of the publication journey, and of course, researchers are too busy to sift through infinite pages of content online to find practical learning they can directly apply. So we’ve made sure that the new and improved Editage Insights website offers you a super personalized learning experience specific to your current stage. All you have to do is let us know what stage you’re at and receive custom reading recommendations, email coaching, and content in different formats (videos, infographics, podcasts, and slideshows)—all directly relevant for you at your stage. From what we’re hearing so far, our community members are loving the new site, and we couldn’t be happier!

I don’t think I say this often enough — Editage Insights COULD NOT have grown the way it has without you, our readers, our community! You’ve stood by our side over the past five years, through all of our phases and changes. Thank you! Thank you for the gusto and spirit you have shown us, for the questions you ask and answer, for all the insightful guest posts and interviews, for the feedback that drives us and helps us always aim for bigger and better. Thank you for the unconditional trust and faith you have put in us to guide you. But most importantly, thank you for the amazing conversations!

Words could never suffice to thank you, so we’ve got a bunch of special events, activities, and prizes lined up for you this month. Check out the new Editage Insights and let us know if you like it. Give us a shout out in the comments below and let us know what you want from us next. If you’ve been receiving emails from one of our publication coaches, leave a special comment for them below. Bring your researcher friends to join the community. Share your stories. Join in the birthday celebrations!

Happy birthday to all of us! Our five-year-old is ready for new adventures with you!

Much love,

Clarinda Cerejo

Editor-in-Chief, Editage Insights

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Published on: Nov 12, 2018

Passionate about author education and scholarly communications; excited to welcome you to the Editage Insights community!
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