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Optimizing the output of a freelance editing model: Value added by an in-house reviewing team

Editage Insights | Aug 31, 2014 | 13,585 views

Excerpt from abstract

In recent years, many journal editorial departments have begun to employ freelance editors rather than an exclusively in-house team. Although a freelance editing model offers greater editor availability and subject-area expertise, it necessitates better quality control. We hypothesize that while a freelance model is best equipped to offer subject-area expertise, a uniformly trained, centralized team of reviewers can help standardize the editing quality and ensure consistency in style. To test this hypothesis, we assessed the value an in-house reviewing team can add to a freelance editing model. 


Cerejo, Clarinda and Rajan, Naveen. "Optimizing the output of a freelance editing model: Value added by an in-house reviewing team." Science Editor 35  no. 1 (2012): 5-9.

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