Video: Overleaf: A collaborative cloud-based writing and publishing platform for authors and publishers

Overleaf: A collaborative cloud-based writing and publishing platform for authors and publishers

Donald Samulack, President, US Operations, Editage, Cactus Communications, in conversation with Dr. John Hammersley, Co-founder and CEO of Overleaf at the Digital Science office in London.

In this first segment of the interview series, Dr. John Hammersley, Co-Founder and CEO of Overleaf, takes us through the basic features of Overleaf. Overleaf is a collaborative cloud-based writing and publishing tool that provides support to authors and publishers working with various formats including LaTeX. It incorporates templates of major journals as well as reference manager software. As a result, authors using Overleaf to create their manuscript need not worry about time-consuming aspects such as formatting and organizing references. Overleaf is designed to help authors collaborate with one or more peers anywhere in the world, write manuscripts on a user-friendly WSYIWYG rich-text editor, use journal-specific templates to automatically format manuscripts, and submit them directly to the journal of their choice. The Overleaf system also allows third-party users like scientific editing or peer review service providers to help authors prepare polished, publication-ready manuscripts.

Other parts in the series:

Full disclosure: Editage has collaborated with Overleaf to enable Overleaf authors to directly transfer manuscripts to Editage for its entire range of language editing services. However, this interview has been conducted independently by Editage Insights and poses no commercial conflict of interest.

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