Interview with Dr. Caroline Sutton

This interview series features Dr. Caroline Sutton, Co-Founder of Co-Action Publishing, an open access international academic publishing house that covers a range of disciplines. As an expert on open access publishing, Dr. Sutton dicusses her views and experience regarding scholarly community and open access publishing, such as, the concept of open access, the sustainability of open science, and public debates concerning open access in scholarly communication.

Part 01
Where is the scholarly community headed with open access publishing and how sustainable is its economic model? Open access advocate and former President of the Open Access Scholarly Publishers…
Part 02
What reservations do authors have towards using open access journals? How do open access journals manage peer review quality? In this second segment of her interview, Dr. Caroline Sutton, active…
Part 03
Dr. Caroline Sutton is an active expert on open access publishing and Co-Founder of Co-Action Publishing. She is also Director at Infrastructure Services for Open Access (IS4OA), the managing…