Interview with Dr. Mark Hahnel

Dr. Mark Hahnel first created Figshare to get extra credit  by sharing his unpublished data while he was completing his PhD. Over the years, the platform evolved and is now used by researchers, academics, publishers, and funders, who want to store, disseminate, or access data securely and in different formats. In this interview series, Dr. Hahnel, a passionate advocate of data sharing, elaborates on the necessity to develop, implement, mandate, and follow best and safe data management practices. Having been a researcher himself, Dr. Hahnel also knows the common misconceptions about data sharing and helps clarify them.

While pursuing his PhD in stem cell research, Dr. Mark Hahnel set up Figshare to manage the data he did not intend to publish but wanted to disseminate, to get extra credit for his work, and to…
When Dr. Mark Hahnel set up Figshare, he was only looking to store his data and get extra credit for his research. Today, academics the world over use the platform to store and share their data, or…
Dr. Mark Hahnel, founder of Figshare, as he talks about how Figshare is used by close to 2 million researchers across disciplines for managing different types of data including grant proposals.
In this fourth part of an interesting interview series, Dr. Mark Hahnel, founder of Figshare, shares a larger perspective on data sharing as a trend in academic publishing.
According to Dr. Mark Hahnel, who founded Figshare, the open data movement will be successful across the globe if data sharing is incentivized. Watch the video to know more,