The 2014 Kyoto Prize goes to a Japanese artist and two American scientists

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The 2014 Kyoto Prize goes to a Japanese artist and two American scientists

The winners of the prestigious Kyoto Prize, Japan’s outstanding lifetime achievement award, have been announced for this year. 

Laureate for the Advanced Technology category in the field of Biotechnology and Medical Technology:

  • Dr. Robert Samuel Langer for his work in creation of tissue engineering and drug delievery systems technologies (David H. Koch Institute Professor at MIT, Cambridge)


Laureate for the Basic Sciences category in the field of Mathematical Sciences:

  • Dr. Edward Witten for his contributions to the development of mathematical sciences through the exploration of string theory (Charles Simonyi Professor, Institute of Advanced Studies, Princeton)


Laureate for the Arts and Philosophy category in the field of Arts: 

  • Ms. Fukumi Shimura a dying and weaving artist awarded for being an artist in constant pursuit of the fundamental human value of harmonious coexistence with nature through the artistic creation of tsumugi kimonos on the basis of folk wisdom


Congratulations to all the winners!

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Published on: Jun 20, 2014

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