The first AI-powered manuscript submission marketplace connecting authors and journals

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The first AI-powered manuscript submission marketplace connecting authors and journals

Editage’s parent company, Cactus Communications, a global scholarly, medical communication and technology solutions company, launched PubSURE--the first marketplace that brings together researchers and journals across all STEM and HSS disciplines to make global scholarly publishing more efficient.

PubSURE is an integrated platform that is made of a marketplace (PubSURE Connect) and an automated manuscript assessment check (PubSURE Report). While PubSURE Report serves as a proxy for manuscript reporting hygiene in terms of readability, compliance and completeness, among other key editorial criteria, PubSURE Connect builds semantic fingerprints for journals on the platform such that each journal can then see all matching manuscripts of acceptable reporting standard.

"Author pain points around the scholarly publishing process have only become more pronounced, be it in terms of knowing the right journal to submit to or ensuring shortest time to publication. And on the journal side too, the quantum of wasted editorial effort in manuscript screening continues to shoot up without there being any way for journals to know the kind of relevant content available out there. What PubSURE does is break down the barriers of traditional scholarly publishing by offering control in both journal and manuscript selection to authors and journals in a way that has not been possible until now," said Abhishek Goel, CEO, Cactus Communications, at the launch of PubSURE.

PubSURE Connect is the first two-sided marketplace connecting authors and journals. At the heart of it is a concept extraction engine that separates the signal from the noise for journals and authors. At the same time, a comprehensive assessment via PubSURE Report ensures that only manuscripts passing pre-set reporting standards show up on the marketplace. PubSURE Report has been built with deep learning and AI and trained with over a million manuscripts edited by Editage, the flagship arm of Cactus Communications, since 2002.

"We believe PubSURE democratizes scholarly publishing. It is relevant if you're a new journal looking to build a content acquisition stream or an established title hoping to get to the best content first. Similarly, for authors, the ability to participate on the platform and have multiple expressions of interest from editors to pick from should reduce the burden of multiple serial submissions and months of effort. We would like this time saved to be fed back into research", added Goel.

PubSURE hopes to add more features to its manuscript assessment check, such as research integrity and image manipulation, in the coming months. Currently, the articles on PubSURE come from a variety of sources including preprint servers and direct submissions to the platform. Inflow of content will continue to refine the concept fingerprinting, improving the match rate and speeding up time to peer review.

About Cactus Communications

Founded in 2002, Cactus Communications is a global scholarly, medical communications and technology solutions company with offices in Tokyo, Seoul, Shanghai, Beijing, London, New Jersey, Mumbai, Bangalore and Singapore. CACTUS operates through two main verticals: Editage, a leading consumer technology business that provides editorial, translation, and digital solutions, and Cactus Life Sciences, which provides rich strategic and tactical content solutions to stakeholders associated with global pharma and device-making. The team, comprising over 900 full-time employees and 3000 freelancers, has served close to 200,000 researchers, doctors, and scientists across 173 countries and has transformed over one million papers across 1,200 disciplines. CACTUS’ newest brand, Impact Science works with societies, publishers and universities to help bring the world’s best and most important research to public around the world, thinking beyond the traditional article that has served research publishing for over 2 centuries. CACTUS has a vision of maximizing the usefulness of researchers’ time and linking East and West together to accelerate the progress of academic research.

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Published on: Sep 05, 2019


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