Video: Unlock your creativity: Essential thinking strategies for researchers

Unlock your creativity: Essential thinking strategies for researchers

An intrinsic skill every good researcher possesses is creativity. It is the ability to look at problems and find new innovative solutions by training your mind to think differently. By changing your perspective on what is, and thinking about what can be, you will be able to embrace new challenges and carve your own path to success. But this is not easy, especially when immediate goals and tasks come in the way of creative thinking.

So are there ways to help you enhance this essential skill? YES! Our recent R Upskill Masterclass led by David Eagleman, a celebrated neuroscientist, New York Times bestselling author, and adjunct professor at Stanford University, explains how you can unlock the brain’s creativity for research.

In this enriching program on Essential thinking strategies for researchers, you will be able to understand what creativity in research means and why you need it, how being creative can lead to better science and funding opportunities, and even test your skills with a creativity exercise for researchers.

About David Eagleman

David Eagleman is a globally renowned neuroscientist and a New York Times bestselling author. He is the writer and presenter of the international PBS series, The Brain with David Eagleman and is a TED speaker. David also heads the Center for Science and Law, a national non-profit institute, and serves as an adjunct professor at Stanford University. He is best known for his work on sensory substitution, time perception, brain plasticity, synesthesia, and neurolaw.


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