Webinar: Connect and grow with your peers in academia as a Researcher.Life Ambassador

Connect and grow with your peers in academia as a Researcher.Life Ambassador

Researcher.Life Ambassador Program is an exclusive, global program for researchers who wish to grow, while leading learning and mentorship in their academic communities. Researcher.Life Ambassadors can connect with their peers from over 50 countries, while sharing their expertise and skills with the global research community.


We work with Ambassadors one-on-one, as per their availability to help them empower their communities through Researcher.Life tools, webinars and other learning resources. This free program welcomes researchers from all disciples and at any stage of their career to apply become a Researcher.Life Ambassador.


To help you better understand this program and its benefits, we have organized briefing sessions with Researcher.Life Ambassador Program Head, Yuvraj Singh Rathore.

During this briefing Yuvraj will cover: 

  • The Researcher.Life Ambassador Program mission, vision and purpose
  • Exclusive benefits,  opportunities, and events for Researcher.Life Ambassadors
  • How you can empower your academic community as a Researcher.Life Ambassador
  • The exclusive Researcher.Life Ambassador forum through which you can connect with researchers from various countries and disciplines
  • Training and orientations to the latest tools, technologies, and services from Researcher.Life
  • Any questions you might have about the Researcher.Life Ambassador Program


Please attend either of the sessions below:

Session 1

Date: 30th June 2022

Time: 10:00 am GMT / 6:00 pm CST/ 7:00 pm KST/7:00 pm JST

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Session 2

Date: 30th June 2022

Time: 1:30 pm GMT / 9:30 pm CST/10:30 pm KST/10:30 pm JST

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About Yuvraj Singh Rathore


Yuvraj joined CACTUS in October 2019 as part of its then-new Researcher.Life brand. As Brand & Communication Head, he is responsible for empowering researchers and creating communities.

In 2020, Yuvraj started working on the Researcher.Life Ambassador program, an initiative aimed at building a community of researcher-evangelists. The program has given him the opportunity to interact with over 700 researchers from 50+ countries. This experience helped him understand the motivations and apprehensions of the researcher community and identify ways in which the Researcher.Life team can empower researchers to be successful and join hands with them to support others in the community. He considers it one of the most enriching experiences of his career.