Q: What would be a suitable theoretical framework for my research topic?

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My research topic is: An investigation of poor performance of the Zambia women's volleyball national team.

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The theoretical framework is a structure that supports the theory that explains why the research problem you are studying exists. It encompasses concepts, definitions, existing theories, and other literature that you have referred to in your study.

It will be difficult for me to identify a theoretical framework for your topic. Since you will be conducting the research, you yourself would be the best judge of which theoretical framework would be most appropriate for the research question you have in mind. However, I can guide you on how you can come up with an appropriate theoretical framework.

The theoretical framework demonstrates your understanding of the concepts related to the research paper and the broader topic. First of all, you will need to review the literature and information already published to understand the gaps in current knowledge in your field and also to identify the accepted methodologies and study design to address the question at hand. A good place to start is by reading recent articles in related journals to understand how to go about writing this project.

Make sure you clearly state the theoretical assumptions used in the study as this will help the readers evaluate them properly. Additionally, having clarity about your theoretical assumptions will provide you with a strong base for choosing your research hypothesis and the research methods.

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