Q: Which style should I follow while writing a history book review?

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I was requested to review a history book in about 700-1000 words, only from one or two chapers. My specialty is linguistics. When I searched in English sites, I found that there is a wide variety of reviews for history books. What style can I use?

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Your question is not very clear. Is the review that you are writing a part of an assignment for a linguistics course? In that case, you might be expected to adhere to a certain style guide. Generally, the Chicago Manual of Style is used for humanities subjects. Sometimes, the Turabian style is used for theses, dissertations, and students' assignemnts that are not meant to be published in a journal. On the other hand, if by "style," you are referring to the style of writing or the structure of the review, that  is something entirely personal and author-specific. You can use whichever style is suitable for you and the book that you wish to review. You can also consider consulting your peers or your professor about the preferred style. 

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