Q: Which type of article would be suitable for communicating my ideas?

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In my teaching, I have been applying an approach to teaching foreign languages that was inspired by a relatively young and still largely unknown theory of language and language acquisition which in some aspects runs counter to the official foreign language pedagogy. Unfortunately I am not able to conduct an experimental study that would confirm the success of the approach (student enrollments in the program I teach are too low). Nonetheless, I would like to share my experience with the colleagues. What type of article and type of publications could you recommend? Thank you

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I am not really sure about journals in the language education field, but generally speaking, several journals offer the option to submit short articles/brief communications/letters to the editor/research notes etc. These are typically short cases or concepts that can be communicated to the readers without necessarily having a full-fledged study. Each journal will have their own article type options, writing structures, and word count limits for these different, shorter article types. You can go through popular journals in your field and see which of these types would be best suited for presenting your findings.

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Answer: Journals typically publish multiple types of articles. Since your findings are not a full study, you can consider submitting as a Brief Communication or Short Letter. It would be best to look at short article options in journals in your field.
Answer: As you have worked on a new idea but do not have enough experimental data, it is a good idea to submit the idea or preliminary study as a research note or brief communication. You also may want to look for some journals which exclusively consider such preliminary research notes.