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Academic publishing and scholarly communications: Good reads, December 2016
The issues that received attention in the scholarly community in December were related to authorship, high subscription costs of journals, launch of Elsevier’s new metric CiteScore, privacy protection for scientists facing allegations of misconduct, Swiss participation in EU-funded research, and more. 
The best of Editage Insights in 2016
As the year is drawing to a close, our team of editors have compiled the best content we published in 2016. The curated list includes some thought-provoking articles, great tips from the industry experts, guidance to help researchers tackle some of the commonly encountered problems, and answers to questions that bother many researchers. We’re sure that reading this content would be a great way of welcoming the new year, armed as you would be with more knowledge, confidence, and motivation! We...
Over 60 German institutions to lose access to Elsevier journals
Over 60 German academic institutions have annulled their subscription contract with Dutch publishing giant Elsevier, which will leave thousands of researchers without access to several journals owned by Elsevier. 
IET to conduct a free seminar to address early career researchers’ concerns
The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) is organizing a free seminar Good Researcher’s Guide to Publishing, which aims at providing guidance and support to early career researchers to help them advance their career. 
Elsevier announces the launch of a new metric CiteScore
On December 8, publishing giant Elsevier announced the launch of a new metric CiteScore, a set of metrics that measure the quality of academic journals. At a time when Journal Impact Factor (JIF) is considered to be losing its hold, Elsevier’s announcement has sparked many discussions and debates around the need for citation metrics and the efficacy of the new metric.
Online course on publication ethics
This online course titled Avoid Retractions: Publish Ethically is an effort to provide guided learning on ethics in a simple and systematic manner allowing participants to learn at their own pace and in their own time.
National Taiwan University will discontinue its subscriptions to Elsevier journals
The library of National Taiwan University (NTU) published a notice on its website saying that from 2017, it planned to discontinue its subscriptions to Elsevier’s ScienceDirect journals, citing high subscription costs as the main reason behind this decision.
Editage Insights survey - authors opinions on journal publishing
As authors, you are at the center of the academic publishing system. What according to you needs change about academic publishing? Take this survey to let us know: Author perspectives on the academic publishing process
2017 Breakthrough Prize awards $25 million to scientists
On 4 December, the Breakthrough Foundation honored physicists, life scientists, and mathematicians with the Breakthrough Prize worth $25 million for making significant contributions to their fields. The Breakthrough Prize is the most lucrative award in science and is often called the “Oscars of science” or the “Silicon Valley’s Nobles.”
Part four of the conversation between Dr. Donald Samulack, President US Operations, Editage, Cactus Communications, in conversation with Dr. Anne Woods, Chief Nursing Officer at WKH, and Shawn Kennedy, Editor in Chief, American Journal of Nursing Here, the discussion centers on predatory publishers, journals, service providers, and conferences. Shawn talks about her experience receiving authorship invitations from predatory journals and adds that the open access model also played a part in...


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