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Hindawi terminates its membership with the STM Association
Hindawi Publishing Corporation announced its decision of ending its membership in the STM Association citing "STM’s overwhelming focus on protecting business models of the past, rather than facilitating new models." 
Israel outruns South Korea, becomes world’s most research intensive economy
As per Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) data on the investments made by the OECD countries in research and development (R&D) in the year 2015, Israel invested 4.25% of its gross domestic product (GDP) in R&D, which is the highest among all the countries in the world.
I was told by a journal that I can choose up to four preferred reviewers. Do I get any advantage if I give the names of preferred reviewers? Also, should I contact these potential reviewers by email separately to inform them that I have given their names?
Donald Trump’s immigration ban deepens science community’s anxiety
U.S. President Donald Trump has passed an executive order suspending the issuance of visas to citizens from seven Muslim-majority countries, which has sparked panic among academics. 
Workshop: Trends in Academic Journal Publishing & Research Integrity
Keeping abreast of the latest trends in scholarly publication is necessary for researchers, especially ESL authors. Therefore, Editage recently conducted eight workshops on ‘Trends in Academic Journal Publishing & Research Integrity’ at reputed South Korean institutions, including universities and hospitals.
Good reads, January 2017
A lot has happened in the academic world in the first month of the new year - from Donald Trump’s immigration ban creating anxiety among scholars to the disappearance of Jeffrey Beall’s list of questionable journals and publishers. We want you to be tuned in to all the interesting happenings in academia. So here’s a list of snippets of some noteworthy news and publications from this month. Happy reading! 
The Reproducibility Project’s first findings highlight reproducibility crisis
The Reproducibility Project: Cancer Biology has made available the results of the first five studies it attempted to replicate, and their report has taken the world of biology by storm. The findings published in eLife journal state that out of the five studies, only two were successfully repeated, while one failed replication and the remaining two concluded in “uninterpretable results.”   
Beall’s List of “predatory” publishers and journals no longer available
Scholarly Open Access, a popular blog that listed questionable journals and publishers, has recently been taken down. The blog was maintained by Jeffrey Beall since 2008 who is an academic librarian at the University of Colorado in Denver.
Academic publishing and scholarly communications: Good reads, December 2016
The issues that received attention in the scholarly community in December were related to authorship, high subscription costs of journals, launch of Elsevier’s new metric CiteScore, privacy protection for scientists facing allegations of misconduct, Swiss participation in EU-funded research, and more. 
The best of Editage Insights in 2016
As the year is drawing to a close, our team of editors have compiled the best content we published in 2016. The curated list includes some thought-provoking articles, great tips from the industry experts, guidance to help researchers tackle some of the commonly encountered problems, and answers to questions that bother many researchers. We’re sure that reading this content would be a great way of welcoming the new year, armed as you would be with more knowledge, confidence, and motivation! We...


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