Nov, 2013

Editage Launches New Resource Portal for the Research Publication Industry

Editage, has launched Editage Insights—Resources for Authors and Journals, a comprehensive learning and knowledge-sharing portal for academics, researchers, journals, and research publication professionals.

Editage Resource Portal

Editage has been guiding authors on the fundamentals of publishing in English-language journals through short tutorials and a Q&A section. The new learning portal now aims to expand this knowledge support and become a one-stop resource on various aspects of journal publication and academic writing. It will not only offer a range of learning resources in interactive and multimedia formats but will also host a space for journal editors, peer reviewers, scholars studying trends in academic publishing, and other experts to engage in discussion and knowledge-sharing on trending topics in research publication across various disciplines. The goal is to build a community of professionals and academics involved in the dissemination of science and encourage a healthy exchange of information and knowledge among them.

Anurag Goel, CEO, considers the launch a natural extension of Editage’s efforts to accelerate the development of global research and science. He says, “Editage Insights underscores our commitment to reach out to researchers, academics, and research publication professionals with the aim of promoting good publication practices and open dialogue on issues concerning the scientific publication industry.”

Editage has been actively involved in equipping the research community globally with critical publication skills through webinars, workshops, and training programs. Through Editage Insights Editage lives out its commitment to enable effective scientific communication and help accelerate the growth of global science.

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