Jan, 2016

Editage and Axios Review collaborate to offer high-quality editing and peer review services for authors

January 20, 2016 (Philadelphia, PA; USA) – Editage, a leader in English-language editing, translation, publication support, and education services, today announced a collaboration with Axios Review, an independent peer review service. Through this partnership, customers of Editage and Axios Review can access discounted services—high-quality editing and translation services from Editage, and peer review services from Axios Review—for manuscripts in the fields of evolutionary and ecological research.

Tim Vines, Managing Editor and Director of Axios Review, which was founded with the goal of improving the efficiency of the peer review system, said: “A partnership with Editage makes perfect sense: once Editage has ensured that the manuscript is in the best possible shape in terms of language and structure, we at Axios Review can use our rigorous peer review process to give the authors sound feedback and find the best-fit journal for the manuscript. Having a journal express interest greatly increases the likelihood that the paper will be accepted for publication, and we’ve found that about 80% of our referred papers get accepted for journal publication. We look forward to helping Editage authors efficiently publish their work in the best possible journals.”

Donald Samulack, PhD, President, U.S. Operations of Editage, states “Editage has always sought to provide end-to-end author support services, and this partnership with Axios is a natural step in that direction. The scholarly community, especially Asian authors attempting to publish their scholarly works in English-language SCI-indexed Western journals, stands to benefit greatly from this collaboration. These services tie together a seamless and responsible process from authorship to publication, so that a researcher is not alone in trying to navigate the complexities of the system and publish in a suitable journal.”

About Axios Review (http://axiosreview.org |@AxiosReview on Twitter)

Axios Review is an independent peer review service for evolution and ecology. We help authors efficiently publish their papers in the best possible journal. Authors send in their manuscript along with four suggested target journals. A highly experienced academic editor then guides the paper through external peer review. Detailed feedback is given on both the manuscript and its suitability for the suggested journals. Axios Review then finds out which of these journals is interested in having the paper submitted. This process largely eliminates rejections on the grounds of scope or novelty. About 80% of our referred papers get accepted for journal publication, with many of them (~50%) not requiring further peer review.

On February 23, Axios review announced that the company plans to shut down will stop accepting further submissions from March 1. To know more, follow our update on this development

About Editage (www.editage.com | @Editage on Twitter)

Editage is the flagship brand of Cactus Communications (CACTUS), recognized worldwide in publishing and academic communities. Editage aims to help scholars break through the confines of geography and language, to bridge the gap between authors and peer-reviewed journals, and to accelerate the process of publishing high-quality research. Apart from working with individual researchers, Editage partners with publishers, journals, academic societies, and pharmaceutical companies worldwide to help them create compelling, high-quality scientific communications. Editage is also dedicated to author education through its comprehensive author resources site Editage Insights.