May, 2017

Editage/CACTUS shares insights into training authors from China about ethical publication at the annual ISMPP conference

(May 15, 2017; Philadelphia, U.S.) The 13th annual meeting of the International Society for Medical Publication Professionals (ISMPP) was held between May 1 and 3 in Maryland this year. The theme for the meeting this year was ‘Global Publication Practices: Advancing Ethics and Scientific Integrity in an Era of Data-sharing’. Cactus Communications proudly announced its involvement in the ISMPP 2017 conference. In addition to exhibiting their services at a booth, Yukti Bharwani, Head, Editorial Services, Cactus Communications was invited to present at two sessions during the 3-day conference. The scholarly communications company has championed ethical publication practices for many years and representatives from CACTUS were glad to share resources and perspectives about best practices in medical publication and author training.

The first session was a workshop that discussed the ‘Challenges & Implications of Publications in Emerging Markets’. Since Editage/CACTUS is a trusted advisor to thousands of authors from emerging markets and understands their challenges, Yukti discussed the reasons behind why authors face such problems. The second session discussed perspectives on training authors in the Asia-Pacific region where Yukti discussed the challenges and solutions for training authors in China about good publication practices. Editage/CACTUS has been actively training thousands of authors in China on Good Publication Practices, which made Yukti’s insights valuable to all participants.

Yukti commented on the response of both sessions: “We are very pleased to share our insights with other medical publication professionals. Conducting so main training sessions and workshops in China enables us to share best practices on ‘how to train’ authors about ethical publication. We are also pleased to share the concerns of authors from BRIC countries and the Asia-pacific region with the community. Understanding the authors’ problems is the first step toward trying to solve them!”

Editage/CACTUS has been capitalizing on every opportunity to share the author’s voice with publishers, policy-makers, and other publication professionals. In fact in April, CACTUS shared early results of Editage Insights’ on-going author survey at the Annual STM conference. The survey has already gathered responses from over 5000 authors and this number is expected to double or triple before the survey closes later this year.

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