Oct, 2018

Editage celebrates Open Access Week 2018 by conducting a live panel discussion with knowledge partners EIFL, FOSTER, and Kudos

(October 30, 2018; Philadelphia, U.S.) Over the last decade, the Open Science movement has been sweeping over the scholarly communications industry. The narrative has gradually changed from eliminating paywalls to increasing transparency and making science truly accessible to wider audiences in order to nurture scientific development and boost the spirit of scientific discovery. However, unfortunately, there’s still an overwhelming amount of lack of awareness about Open Access and Open Science developments, especially among authors.

In celebration of Open Access Week 2018 (held between October 22 to 28), Editage conducted a panel discussion along with knowledge partners Kudos, EIFL, and Foster on October 25, 2018. The live panel discussion on ‘Open Science developments that every author needs to know’ enabled researchers to get expert views on various aspects of Open Science, such as mandates, accessibility, platforms, and new formats.

The panelists included Iryna Kuchma, Open Access Programme Manager, EIFL; Helene Brinken, FOSTER Project Officer, University of Göttingen;  Satyajit Rout, Head, Research Communication Services, Editage; and Melinda Kenneway, Executive Director, Kudos. The discussion, moderated by Clarinda Cerejo, Editor-in-Chief, Editage Insights, covered a variety of important topics related to Open Science– from “involving the public in drafting research proposals” to “using commercial/social applications to assess research.” There were also discussions on transparency, accessibility, impact, engagement, and effective science communication. The audience was curious and interactive and asked several questions that were answered by the panelists. The overall feedback was extremely positive.

The Editage Training Academy that focuses on coaching researchers on all aspects of the publication process will focus on conducting regular panel discussions, interviews, and talks with knowledge partners and industry experts. Editage combines its unique author perspective with 16+ years of expertise in delivering education solutions for authors.

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