Things to look out for while opting for an academic editing service for your research paper

End-to-end service
Among the plethora of manuscript editing services, few offer end-to-end services. Academic editors who can guide you not just through the editing and polishing of your manuscript but also with responses to reviewer comments, choosing the right journal, etc. make manuscript submission and publication a smoother process; this is especially helpful if you are submitting a manuscript for the first time.

Experience of editors
Needless to say, different documents have different audiences and purposes and hence require different editors. A medical editor may not be able to do justice to a paper on economics. Opting for editing services with a diverse array of subject-specific editors is key.
Academic editors who are familiar with your paper’s scientific field or have an educational background in your research will go beyond the basic grammar checks and ensure your research is clearly understood from a professional standpoint.
It is also beneficial if your editor has gone through the publication process themselves. If an editor has their research published in scientific journals, they know the correct content and standards that the journal is seeking during submissions.

Turnaround time (TAT)
Be it dissertations or journal submissions, deadlines are scary, yet sacrosanct. Researchers work under pressure all the time and sometimes an urgent edit/proofread is required. Choosing an editing service that can provide a quick TAT is beneficial in such cases.

Review website and read testimonials
Researching the Internet and the concerned website for testimonials and customer reviews about the manuscript editing services will help gain insights into the pros and cons of choosing a particular editing service. In addition, if available, look for information such as the number of documents edited/proofread and the number of years the paper editing company has been in service.

Experience working with ESL writers
If you are not a native English speaker, manuscript editing services that cater specifically to the needs of ESL authors are what you should look for.

As a researcher, you have put countless hours into gathering information and ensuring your manuscript clearly defines your research. It is important to be aware of confidentiality risks when submitting unpublished work to a paper editing services. When choosing an editing service, check their privacy policies and what precautions they take to protect your research.

Multiple service options
Editing is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Opt for an editing service that caters to your specific needs. While one document might require a straightforward proofread, another might require formatting alone, and another a comprehensive edit. Editing services that offer multiple service options will ensure your paper’s message is clearly communicated with proper grammar and flow.


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