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If you’re certain the general English language of your paper or book is accurate, and you don’t require an English Language Check, then you may desire general copy editing services as a first step. Copy editing is primarily editing and proofreading for grammatical errors. Anything you plan to publish, big or small, should be reviewed by a professional copy editor to ensure there are no common errors (you’d be surprised at what’s common even among Native-English writers!)

As someone passionate about the subject matter and research you’ve written, it’s easy to overlook misused or misspelled words. What’s even more common is thinking you see words or phrases on the page that aren’t actually there! Words such as “being” instead of “begin” or “there” instead of “the” are often gleaned over when the writer sees what they intended instead of what they actually typed.

General copy editing services include:

Professional copy editing overview

Here is where professional copy editing services come to the rescue! They can provide even what your peers cannot. Although they may be familiar with the topic (as your Editage copy editor will be), they are not as close to the content as you are. The copy editor is trained to look for errors and their eye naturally scans for the most common grammatical and spelling mistakes.

Academic copy editing for scientific research papers

For complicated subjects, such as those intended for scientific journals, it is crucial that not just anyone provides the copy editing services. You’ll want someone who specialized in academic copy editing. He or she will ensure your paper is free of typos and other errors and then take it one step further. Beyond the basic grammar, spelling, and style checking, the academic copy editor is familiar with specific journal requirements.

Academic copy editing services include:

Copy editing and proofreading

What’s the difference between copy editing and proofreading? If you’re paying for professional copy editing services, these services include making the corrections within Word using track changes. You simply need to “accept” or “reject” the change and it’s done. See examples of how Editage’s professional copy editors use this feature on the Advanced Editing page.

Proofreading on its own includes a mark-up that may be in the form of online copy editing as explained above, or a copy of the document that contains copy editing and proofreading symbols. As the author of the work, you will interpret those symbols and make the needed corrections yourself. Rather, you can think of proofreading as more of a form of “copy editing tips.” By making the changes yourself, you learn to make the next paper even that much better!

Copy editing prices

Depending on the scope of the paper and the publication goals, copy editing prices vary but are usually determined by total word count. To get a quote for the copy editing service you need, click here

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