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If you are an author looking to publish your work, you will want to ensure that it presents your thoughts clearly and is free from embarrassing errors. Editage’s high-quality English editing services do just that. Our professional editors are proficient in checking all kinds of grammar and language issues. We will not only correct the glaring errors in your words and sentences, like any English correction service, but also identify and resolve the deeper flaws in your text that can potentially dilute its impact.

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We have 2000+ native English-speaking editors covering more than 1200 subject areas, and will assign your manuscript to an expert from your field. Our editors have considerable experience in working with authors for whom English is a second language, and will ensure that your writing is clear, readable, and conveys exactly what you intended. If you are a researcher wanting to publish your paper in a high-impact journal, Editage is the perfect choice for you. Read on to know more.

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Value packPREMIUM EDITING PLUSView sample Authors ChoicePREMIUM EDITINGView sample ADVANCED EDITINGView sample
Spelling, punctuation, & grammar spelling, punctuation, & grammar spelling, punctuation, & grammar spelling, punctuation, & grammar
Sentence structure & terminology check Technical Terminology & Sentence Structure Technical Terminology & Sentence Structure Technical Terminology & Sentence Structure
Letter from your editor & editing certificate Journal-Specific Manuscript Formatting Journal-Specific Manuscript Formatting Journal-Specific Manuscript Formatting
Journal-specific formatting Manuscript Editing Certificate Manuscript Editing Certificate Manuscript Editing Certificate
Re-editing support for 365 days Free Free 60% discount
Word reduction Up to 20% Up to 20% Up to 10%
Reference check Consistency and Accuracy Consistency and Accuracy Consistency only
Presentation check (logic, clarity, & flow) Manuscript Presentation Style Check Manuscript Presentation Style Check Manuscript Presentation Style Check
Journal cover letter & manuscript assessment report Strengthen your Responses to Reviewers Strengthen your Responses to Reviewers Strengthen your Responses to Reviewers
Reviewer response letter editing Reviewer Response Letter Editing Manuscript Presentation Style Check Reviewer Response Letter Editing
Crosschecking responses with revised manuscript Cross-Check Manuscript with Responses Cross-Check Manuscript with Responses Cross-Check Manuscript with Responses
View sample View sample View sample
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Editage is a trusted partner to researchers, journals, and academic institutions across the globe.

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Three Levels of Editing

The English Editing service has three levels in order to serve every editorial need. The levels differ in terms of the scope of edit and post-editing support. Choose the level that is better suited to your manuscript type and publication goal.

Advanced Editing

This English correction service

  • Checks for correct usage of grammar and punctuation
  • Eliminates typographical and consistency errors
  • Polishes the language in the document

It is suitable for all document types, including research reports, thesis manuscripts, essays, grant proposals, website content, brochures, annual reports, and more.

Premium Editing

This level offers all the English error correction and language polishing support under Advanced Editing, as well as improves the logical flow of paragraphs in the paper. It additionally provides

  • Free *multiple-round editing for 365 days
  • A cover letter for journal submission
  • A manuscript assessment report

It is especially suitable for manuscripts targeting journal submission, such as research papers and scientific articles.

Premium Editing Plus

This service offers all the benefits of Advanced and Premium Editing. Moreover, researchers receive guidance on post-submission matters, including a thorough check of their responses to peer reviewer comments.

View a detailed comparison between the three levels of editing here.

*The multiple-round editing service allows you to seek editing as many times as you fine-tune your paper. It is offered for free under the Premium Editing services for a period of 365 days, and at a 60% discount under the Advanced Editing service. Because it provides significant cost benefits and continuity in editing support, it is highly sought after by researchers as they keep improving their paper until it is published.

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About Editage

  • Our English Editing services have corrected and improved the manuscripts of authors from more than 180 countries, including the US, UK, UAE, India, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, and South Korea.
  • We fully understand publication requirements, having edited more than 800,000 manuscripts.
  • We offer the complete range of publication solutions, including Translation with Editing , Research Communication , and Publication Support . We are a one-stop solution for all your research communication needs.

Author success stories

As an opinion paper, there were not so many options to publish. The editions, and comments let us to have new corrected versions that let of to be published.

Author Name

Perez Fermin

Impact Factor


The paper edited by a reviewer was a good-shaped and finally could be accepted by a prestigious journal. Thank you for your work.

Author Name

Ki Chul Kim

Impact Factor


The experience was very good and the premium editing was very helpful. Thank you!

Author Name

Joanna Kowalska

Impact Factor


Great service! The comments from the editor really help me guide my writing and how I shape my argument. It is one of the best features of this service. Dr. Luigi Schiavo, Nutrizionist, Second University of Naples

Author Name

Luigi Schiavo

Impact Factor


I was supported by Editage team through the whole process of preparing the manuscript. Thank You!

Author Name

Mariusz Sieminski

Impact Factor


Yes, editage did advanced editing for our manuscript. They did a good job and our paper is accepted for publication

Author Name

Maryam Zahin

Impact Factor


It was really nice to work with you. I am planing to ask your help again for my following paper.

Author Name

Yong Sik Chung

Impact Factor


Thank you very much for the Editage team. Actually, this is the first time to become the corresponding author. The acceptance of this manuscript is so fast. It took only 1.5 months. Regards

Author Name

Obie Farobie

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