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You’ve worked hard compiling information and documenting the results of your detailed research. You’re confident about your topic and your conclusions and believe you have covered the subject matter in a new and interesting way. The only problem is that English is not your first language, and you are sure there are at least some minor English grammar or language corrections needed to give your paper the edge it needs to get noticed.

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It’s always a good idea to have fresh eyes review your work after you’ve completed it to the best of your ability. Having a professional complete an English language check is crucial when you desire to have that work published. When that writing is geared toward publication in a major journal, and English is not your native language, it is even more important. The most seasoned professional writers understand the importance of a language check to ensure the content fits within the context of the subject matter, and that the paper is error free. Our subject-matter experts are passionate about the English language and are excellent English grammar checkers.

We offer three levels of manuscript editing services to address the editorial needs of all authors and researchers, including those with English as a second language. These service levels differ in terms of the scope of edit and post-editorial support.

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Spelling, punctuation, & grammar spelling, punctuation, & grammar spelling, punctuation, & grammar spelling, punctuation, & grammar
Sentence structure & terminology check Technical Terminology & Sentence Structure Technical Terminology & Sentence Structure Technical Terminology & Sentence Structure
Letter from your editor & editing certificate Journal-Specific Manuscript Formatting Journal-Specific Manuscript Formatting Journal-Specific Manuscript Formatting
Journal-specific formatting Manuscript Editing Certificate Manuscript Editing Certificate Manuscript Editing Certificate
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Word reduction Up to 20% Up to 20% Up to 10%
Reference check Consistency and Accuracy Consistency and Accuracy Consistency only
Presentation check (logic, clarity, & flow) Manuscript Presentation Style Check Manuscript Presentation Style Check Manuscript Presentation Style Check
Journal cover letter & manuscript assessment report Strengthen your Responses to Reviewers Strengthen your Responses to Reviewers Strengthen your Responses to Reviewers
Reviewer response letter editing Reviewer Response Letter Editing Manuscript Presentation Style Check Reviewer Response Letter Editing
Crosschecking responses with revised manuscript Cross-Check Manuscript with Responses Cross-Check Manuscript with Responses Cross-Check Manuscript with Responses
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An English language check includes:

Regardless of the subject matter, having a professional English grammar checker check for common and complex English language errors could make all the difference.

An automated English language checker might do for an undergraduate paper, but yours is destined for an international journal. A thorough language check by an expert in the subject and in English would be ideal, and Editage offers the perfect English language checker services to meet your needs.

English Language Grammar Check

When writing on a scientific or technical subject, English grammar correction may be needed to clarify the topic or make it easier to understand for general readers. Though there are ways to enter your paper into an English grammar check online to find major English grammar corrections, scientific research papers require a more detailed approach.

It’s important that someone familiar with both the subject matter and proper grammar check your manuscript as well. English is a complicated language with variations for using similar words that can have different meanings depending on how they are used. Even native English speakers and writers have to study and practice to master the more complicated rules and standards of English grammar.

When it comes to checking grammar in complicated research papers, even a simple mistake can change the meaning of a sentence. Do not rely on the English sentence corrector installed in MS word or any other software; these do not work for scientific terms and complex sentences. Let the experts in both English grammar and the subject of your paper provide a comprehensive English grammar check to ensure your intended meaning comes through strong and clear.

An English grammar check will find and correct mistakes such as:

The editors at Editage are skilled at reviewing complicated papers on difficult subjects. They are used to and understand scientific jargon and can help your paper shine by eliminating common English grammar and language errors. Let us check English grammar for your manuscript before you submit them. Use our English Language Check services today and let your paper stand out above the rest.

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