Why edit your professional documents?

Whether you’re putting together your company’s annual report, a business proposal, or a personal statement, the quality of the documents you prepare will determine your success. A well-organized and well-presented document establishes your credibility in the eyes of your audience. That’s why it is important to ensure that your document is free or errors and is consistent in messaging. How do you do this? Get it professionally edited before you go to print. Our professional document editing services are designed to cater to all your needs.

How we help you prepare high-quality professional documents

Our editors are experienced across a range of genres and writing styles. So whether you choose our report editing and proofreading service, our personal statement editing and proofreading service, or any of our other services, you’ll benefit from the expertise of our professional editors. Here’s how our service works:

Manuscript Editing Process step 1
First, we choose an editor whose expertise best matches your document.

Our document editors have subject-specific expertise and have edited a considerable number of professional reports, proposals, and statements. They are also passionate about helping authors create perfect, publication-ready documents. To ensure that you have access to qualified content expertise, we get your document reviewed by an editor who specializes in that subject area and who understands the technical terminology used in your field.

Manuscript Editing Process step 2
Your editor will help you prepare an effective, print-ready document by reviewing and correcting the following aspects:
  • Organization and coherence*
  • Flow, logic, presentation, and tone*
  • Grammar
  • Writing conventions and formatting
  • Punctuation and spelling
  • Typographical errors
  • Language, sentence structure, and phrasing
  • Clarity of information and consistency in messaging and data*
  • Word choice, wordiness, and redundancy
  • *Part of our Premium Editing service

    Our experienced document editors do not change the data, content, or intention of your document.

Manuscript Editing Process step 3
Your receive your edited document, review it, and contact your editor if required.

Your document has to be perfect! So if you still have some questions after you receive your edited document or if you have revised some parts of it and want your editor to review those parts,+ your editor will remain accessible. You simply need to contact us.

+Second and subsequent rounds of editing are eligible for a discount under Advanced Editing and are available free under Premium Editing.

We are certain that once your scientific article is edited by us, its language, presentation, and clarity will match international publishing standards. That’s why we back our editing with a 100% quality guarantee.

Editing plans for professional documents

We provide the following editing and proofreading services to match your needs:

  • Advanced Editing

    Advanced Editing

    If you are confident about the organization of your document but would like us to check the language thoroughly, go for this level.

  • Premium Editing

    Premium Editing

    Choose this service if you would like a thorough check for both language and the overall structure, clarity, flow, logic, and coherence of your document.

Frequently asked questions

  • Do you edit PDF/Tex Files? Do you charge an additional fee for these types of files? Yes, we edit PDF/Tex files. However, we do not format a PDF/Tex file. Also, the PDF file should be a double spaced PDF. Our expert document editors can handle most document formats. Know more
  • Who edits my document? Our professional document editing service ensures that only an expert document editor works on your document. Our document editors are subject-matter experts with many years of experience. Know more

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