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A professionally edited scientific paper is more appealing to journal editors and reviewers as they can focus more on the content. Under Editage’s Premium Editing Service, our expert editors will thoroughly check the following elements of your paper to detect gaps in research and convey complex scientific ideas clearly and concisely.

  • Clarity and logic
  • Coherence, organization, and flow
  • Presentation, tone, and style
  • Sentence structure
  • Word choice, repetition, and wordiness
  • Grammar and language
  • Writing conventions
  • Punctuation
  • Spelling and typographical errors
  • Formatting

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Unlimited rounds of re-editing for free!

The Premium Editing Service allows for unlimited rounds of re-editing. You can respond to the editor’s changes, exchange clarifications, and share your concerns. Our editor will review your revised paper multiple times until you are satisfied.

Additional Features:

  • Free formatting: Your document will be formatted as per the guidelines provided or for consistency.
  • Manuscript assessment report: You will receive a short report on the structure and content of the document. The report will address areas of strengths and areas of improvement.
  • Cover letter: Our editor will draft a cover letter that conveys the significance of your research.

How we ensure quality

Subject-specific editing

Subject-specific editing

Your document will only be assigned to editors with expertise in the topic of your document.

Four-eyes principle

Four-eyes principle

Your document will be worked on by a subject-specific editor and a senior reviewer. Together, they will deliver a polished, error-free document.

What you will receive

With a robust research paper editing model in place, we are certain that once your paper is edited by us, its language, presentation, and clarity will match international publishing standards. Our editors revise your paper using the “track changes” feature of MS Word.

premium editing sample*Sample of a PES level edit

Author success stories

As an opinion paper, there were not so many options to publish. The editions, and comments let us to have new corrected versions that let of to be published.

Author Name

Perez Fermin

Impact Factor


The paper edited by a reviewer was a good-shaped and finally could be accepted by a prestigious journal. Thank you for your work.

Author Name

Ki Chul Kim

Impact Factor


The experience was very good and the premium editing was very helpful. Thank you!

Author Name

Joanna Kowalska

Impact Factor


Great service! The comments from the editor really help me guide my writing and how I shape my argument. It is one of the best features of this service. Dr. Luigi Schiavo, Nutrizionist, Second University of Naples

Author Name

Luigi Schiavo

Impact Factor


I was supported by Editage team through the whole process of preparing the manuscript. Thank You!

Author Name

Mariusz Sieminski

Impact Factor


Yes, editage did advanced editing for our manuscript. They did a good job and our paper is accepted for publication

Author Name

Maryam Zahin

Impact Factor


It was really nice to work with you. I am planing to ask your help again for my following paper.

Author Name

Yong Sik Chung

Impact Factor


Thank you very much for the Editage team. Actually, this is the first time to become the corresponding author. The acceptance of this manuscript is so fast. It took only 1.5 months. Regards

Author Name

Obie Farobie

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