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Editage Cash Card
  • How do I get an Editage card?

  • How do I add funds?

  • How do I obtain a proforma invoice before making a payment to my Editage card?

  • What payment modes can I use to add funds?

  • After making a payment, how soon until my card balance gets updated?

  • What proof of payment do you provide after funds have been added to my Editage card?

  • What services can I avail using my Editage card?

  • How and when can I pay for assignments using my Editage card?

  • Can I pay outstanding invoices using my Editage card?

  • I have selected Editage card as the payment mode for a job. When does my balance get deducted?

  • Can I make partial payments using my Editage card?

  • How do I keep track of my Editage card transactions?

  • What measures does Editage take to ensure funds on my Editage card are secure?

  • Are the funds on my Editage card refundable?

  • What is the maximum balance I can maintain on my Editage card?

  • Do the funds on my Editage card expire?

  • Can I give other Editage users access to my Editage card?

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