Editing Services - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find the support I’m looking for?

At Editage, we are committed to offering our clients complete editorial and publication support and high-quality services. This focus on providing nothing short of the best is reflected in our two ISO certifications and in the fact that we have more than 51 BELS-certified editors. Here are some of the ways in which we offer our clients a competitive advantage.

  • Service features
    1. 1. Competitive pricing
    2. 2. A range of service levels and packs
    3. 3. Speedy turnaround time and prompt customer support
    4. 4. Convenient payment options and a transparent pricing system
    5. 5. Pioneering technology support (the Editage Online™ Job Management system helps clients submit documents, track assignments, manage payments, and access our support team with ease)

  • Unrivalled editorial capabilities

  • Our ISO-certified editing process, stringent quality management procedures, and client feedback systems assure you of high-quality services. Moreover, we have one of the world’s largest in-house editing teams specializing in over 550+ subject areas. We follow a best-practice-based editing set up: Our editors work within 5 major Subject Area (highly specialized subject-area teams that optimize both language and subject expertise) to deliver peerless editorial output.

  • End-to-end publication support

  • To ensure that we offer our clients a full range of solutions for all their needs, our Publication Support services provide high-end assistance at every stage of the publication cycle to help authors meet their academic goals. For an overview of our services, please click here.

Who edits my document?

Our professional document editing service ensures that only an expert document editor works on your document. Our document editors are subject-matter experts with many years of experience in research and scientific editing. What’s more you can consult these experts even after the edit and utilize the Client Questions service to clarify any doubts that you might have. Authors can also choose an editor of their choice at a premium and subject to availability.

What training do your editors and writers receive?

All our manuscript editors and writers go through the Basic Editor Training (BET) program that comprises 5 standard modules and various customized programs. Our medical writers receive specific training in ICH–GCP, CONSORT, and ICMJE guidelines. In addition, all our editors also receive intensive English language training. They attend external training programs and workshops that offer updates on grammar, punctuation, and style for American and British English.

I have a document that is very specialized in its subject area. How do I know you will be able to edit it correctly?

There is no substitute for subject-matter expertise. That’s why we ensure that every document is edited by an expert with a high level of technical competency in the relevant field of study. Here’s how we achieve this:

  • 1. The Center of Excellence model

  • We follow a best-practice-based editing set up—manuscripts are assigned to editors who, depending on their experience and qualifications, work in one of 20 editing Centers of Excellence (CoEs). CoEs are highly specialized subject-area teams with professional expertise in one or a few closely related academic disciplines. The CoE team structure is based on a 2-round editing model that optimizes subject-area and language expertise and delivers superior editing output.

  • 2. Experienced, technically proficient editors

  • The editors within each CoE have a high level of technical competency in that specific field of study and an incisive understanding of the finer nuances of your subject, relevant writing conventions, terminology, etc. In addition, they research extensively before making any drastic subject-related changes in your document.

  • 3. Clear, change-tracking process

  • For MS Word documents, all changes are visible through the Track Changes feature, while for PDF and other file formats, our editors explain important changes in a separate word file. This system allows you to review each change made by us. Please click here to view the process.

What background and specializations do your editors have?

We place a lot of emphasis on subject-area expertise. Our editorial team includes physicians, PhDs, MDs, postgraduates, engineers, and even journal peer reviewers. Over 60% of our manuscript editors come from a research background. Depending on their academic qualifications and professional experience, our editors work within one of 20 editing Centers of Excellence (CoEs). The editors within each CoE have a high level of technical competency in that specific field of study and an incisive understanding of the finer nuances of your subject, relevant writing conventions, terminology, etc. Learn more about the CoE model or review our editors’ profiles.

What are the different types of editing services you offer?

We provide manuscript editing services to meet the publication standards of international high-impact-factor journals. We offer 3 levels of manuscript editing and proofreading services for academic research papers. Select an editing service to take your first step toward publication success - Advanced, Premium, or Premium PLUS. Each service differs on the basis of the level of editing detail.

Visit the Editing Overview page for more details.

What is the difference between Advanced Editing, Premium Editing and Premium Editing PLUS services?

These 3 services review the various areas of your document in different levels of detail — quality of language, general formatting, content and consistency in language style.

  • Advanced Editing services are for documents that might have errors in grammar, spelling & punctuation, language accuracy, consistency in style & terminology
  • Premium Editing services are for the documents that need review of the presentation style, consistency & terminology, logic & clarity, detailed language & grammar check
  • Premium editing PLUS includes all features of premium editing and it also helps in strengthening your responses to journal reviewers' comments with the help of a subject matter expert, and you will get all queries addressed and manuscript revised until it is ready for publication.

Click here for a comparison of the levels of editing.

Can I change the type of editing service after submission?

Yes, you can change the type of editing service if the editor has not yet begun editing your manuscript . If the editor has already begun editing your manuscript then you will not be able to change the type of service. Please contact your Client Manager if you would like to change the type of editing service.

What does MRE support mean?

Editage offers Multiple Round Editing (MRE) support as an optional service to authors to ensure that their documents are completely ready for submission. MREsupport is offered as part of both our Advanced and Premium Editing services. Under MRE, you can come back to us as many times as you wish to receive a polished final document that suits your exact requirements. Please note that under Advanced Editing, MRE support is eligible for a 60% discount, whereas under Premium Editing, MRE is free (except in cases where the manuscripts have been heavily re-written or new sections have been added). click here to send us an MRE request.

What are the different English language styles you use while editing?

We can edit as per two English language styles – American English and British English. You can choose your preferred language style in the online submission form.

I do not want the word count of my document to increase after editing. What do I do?

If you would like to keep your document at the same word count as at the time of submission then please mention this in the online submission form.

Do you edit documents in LaTeX and TeX formats?

Yes, we do edit documents in Latex and Tex file formats. After editing, we deliver the final document as a Tex File. In addition, we send a word document that shows the changes we have made to the text and contains the editor’s comments and suggestions. Please note that we do not accept LyX files for editing.

Do you provide document formatting services?

Yes, we do format documents for journal submission. You can request formatting using the online submission form and insert the URL of the journal you are submitting your article to so that our editors can make sure that your submission fulfils all the journal's formatting requirements.

When we receive editing requests for certain sections of a manuscript, we format only those sections. However, editing of only some sections of the document is not recommended when opting for formatting, as some aspects of formatting will necessarily include editing. Therefore, we recommend that the entire document be edited when opting for formatting so that we can ensure that all aspects of the document comply with submission requirements.

Do you accept machine translated documents?

We do not accept software-translated documents for editing. We request you to have your document translated by a professional before sending it to us for editing. You may alternatively opt for Editage’s translation services. All Editage services are mentioned on our website; you may select the one you wish for in your assignment’s submission form.

What are your working hours?

Our work timings are as follows: Mondays to Fridays: 03:30 – 17:30 GMT, Saturdays: 03:30 - 12:30 GMT and Sundays: 06:00 AM - 03:00 PM GMT
In case our office is closed on a particular day on account of an important national event or holiday, the website will be updated with all necessary information.

Is my information secure with you?

At Editage we respect the confidentiality of research. All our employees are sensitized to the highly confidential nature of documents they handle and are required to sign confidentiality agreements that are indefinitely binding. If required, Editage will also sign confidentiality agreements with you before we embark on any professional relationship. Additionally, our data security processes have been ISO 9001:2008 certified. Since all documents submitted are managed through a secure Online Job Management System, only the editor working on your job and your client manager have access to your information. (Learn More)

If I have questions about the edited document how do I ask the editor? By when will you get back to me?

If you have a question for your editor, you can login to your Editage Online™ account and use the “Submit Question” option. We normally answer within 1 working day. However, a member of our client servicing team will confirm the delivery schedule with you as it is determined by the nature and number of questions.

I would like to acknowledge Editage in my paper. How can I do so?

"Several authors ask if they can acknowledge Editage’s editorial support in their manuscript or paper. According to prominent publication guidelines such as the ICMJE guidelines on authorship, editing or writing support should be acknowledged in the paper. Such acknowledgments also serve to assure journal editors/reviewers that the English has been thoroughly reviewed, and meets the required standards for publication.
If you would like to acknowledge our editorial support for your paper, you can do so by simply including the following sentence in the Acknowledgments section: We would like to thank Editage [https://www.editage.com/] for editing and reviewing this manuscript for English language"

How can I get my editing certificate?

  • 1. Please note that the certificate of editing is offered only for the Advanced Editing and Premium Editing services.

  • 2. To generate a certificate, ensure that you are viewing the dashboard of your Editage Online™ account (check image below) and have clicked on the "Download jobs/Questions" tab (check the red box below).

  • 3. Next, each job no. contains a "Generate Certificate" option (check arrow). Click on this option to generate the required certificate. You will be asked to enter the author name in order to generate the certificate for your document.

  • 4. In case you require further assistance or are not able to generate your certificate, please send us your paper title and the name in which you want the certificate by clicking here and will be happy to assist you.


Do you accept PDF documents?

  • Yes, we accept PDF documents only for Proofreading and Advanced Editing services. We do not accept PDF files under Premium Editing as the format does not support the content restructuring offered under Premium Editing.
    When submitting a PDF file for editing, please ensure that the text is double-spaced. As PDF documents are printed out and edited on paper using handwritten editing symbols, the double-spacing will help you to easily recognize and understand the editor’s suggestions.
    Note that as PDF editing involves a few additional processes, the turnaround time is a little longer than for editing an MS Word file. Moreover, a 15% premium is applied to the fee. (If you need a faster turnaround time, or if you wish to avoid the premium fee, please submit an MS Word version of your document.)
    Once your assignment is completed, we scan the edited files and deliver them to you as PDF files. The final files show the editor's changes and suggestions. You are required to incorporate those changes in your main document.
    We share below a sample of an edited PDF document:

    Editing in MS Word is performed using Word’s Track Changes feature. This helps you to accept and reject the changes made by the editor very easily and saves your valuable time. You also save the 15% premium that is charged for editing PDF documents.
    Note that if you wish for the editor to format your paper according to the requirements of a journal, this is best done with the MS Word format. Please consider all these factors when deciding the file type for your submission to Editage. We believe that the MS Word format is most advantageous because it supports all services levels—Proofreading, Advanced, and Premium; can be easily formatted to the journal’s requirements; saves time; and saves money too.
    We share below a sample of an edited Word document:


What is the range of word reduction your services offer while editing my thesis?

We offer up to 20% reduction in word count under our Premium Editing PLUS and Premium Editing Service. Under our Advanced Editing service we offer up to 10% discount.

Do you edit PDF/Tex Files? Do you charge an additional fee for these types of files?

Yes, we do edit PDF/Tex files. However, we do not format a PDF/Tex file. Also the PDF file should be a double spaced PDF. We charge an additional 15% premium for Editing PDF documents.

Do you offer editing services for dissertations to students?

Yes, we do offer editing services to students for their dissertations.

Do you offer help in preparing a journal article from a dissertation?

We only offer editing services for dissertation. However, if your dissertation is in the field of medicine then you can opt for our Medical Writing Service.

What kind of support you provide post editing?

In addition to manuscript editing services, we can also help you to:

  • Clarify specific editorial changes
  • Understand reviewers’ comments
  • Frame appropriate responses to reviewers’ comments
  • Prepare a revised manuscript based on journal feedback
  • Re-submit your manuscript to a different journal

How to use your Post-editing service?

You can easily use our Post-editing service:

  • Log in to your EditageOnlineTM account and upload your questions through the "Submit Questions" form.
  • Send us your questions at .*
    *Typically, our editors answer questions within 1 to 3 business days. We will inform you about the exact date by which you can expect our responses. The service is free! This means that you get additional editorial support, at no extra charge.

What services do you provide under medical writing?

We provide end-to-end medical writing services including

  • Manuscript writing and rewriting services (including medical research papers)
  • Medical editing service
  • Abstract writing service
  • Medical proofreading
  • Medical publication support service
  • Medical translation

Do you guarantee publication after your medical writing service?

We can provide you a quality guarantee and we will work with you till you are satisfied with the manuscript. However, we do not guarantee publication as publication depends solely on the Journal.