Simplify the workflow of your lab with
Editage for Labs

Editage for Labs provides lab workflow management solutions to help researchers, lab heads, professors, and lab administrators efficiently track the progress and impact of their labs’ publications. Register for Editage for Labs today to boost the performance of your lab!

For lab heads

  • Optimize lab funds through discounts on Editage services
  • Monitor the publication status of lab members’ manuscripts
  • Provide Editage learning resources to lab members who need training

For professors

  • Get high-end publication support at special rates
  • Save precious time by providing co-authors with instant access to edited manuscripts
  • Track your lab’s funds for editing

For lab administrators

  • Track the overall editing expenditure of your lab
  • Manage your lab’s research output through a secure, centralized account
  • Share edited files with authors instantly

For PhD students

  • Get special discounts on Editage services
  • Provide supervisors with instant access to your manuscripts and get feedback instantly
  • Get free tips on manuscript writing

Why register for Editage for Labs

Manage your lab’s publications efficiently through a single platform

  • Get an exclusive account for your lab on the EditageOnlineTM interface.
  • Appoint a dedicated lab member/administrator to submit assignments on behalf of your lab.
  • Share edited files with your co-authors/supervisors through your account to finalize your manuscript faster.
  • Get free consultation from our publication experts on queries related to the journal submission process.
  • Track the submissions of your lab members: stay updated about publication status (accepted papers) and time-to-publication.

Optimize your lab’s budget

  • Receive discounts on our Editing, Publication Support, and Translation services.
  • Get manuscripts in PDF or LaTeX format edited without a premium fee.
  • Monitor your lab’s expenditure and total savings.

Enhance your lab’s research output

  • Get free access to our learning resources on academic manuscript writing.
  • Receive discounts on Editage workshops and webinars for authors.
  • Get free manuscript writing tips from our expert editors

Discounts on Editage services for all group members

From 5th to 15th manuscripts
submitted by your lab/group

From 16th manuscripts onwards
submitted by your lab/group

Frequently asked questions

Registrations for Editage for Labs are free.

You can register as an individual and add other authors/researchers into your group anytime in the future. There is no limit to the number of people you can add to your group. To receive the full range of benefits, ensure that you add all your lab members to your group.

After you have registered your lab, you can proceed to add all lab members into your lab account. Once your lab members start using Editage services through your lab account, they will directly receive all applicable benefits.

The discounts mentioned above are applicable to Editing and Translation services as well as Publication Support Packs. We also provide a 15% discount on two publication support services — Journal Selection and Rapid Technical Review.

All registered lab members will receive a free Editage e-book learning pack, which contains useful resources and tips on manuscript preparation and the publication process. Lab members will also receive special discounts on Editage webinars and workshops.

Registered lab members can consult our publication experts on queries related to the journal submission process, such as:

  • How do I respond to reviewers comments?
  • How do I ensure that I am publishing ethically?
  • Should exclusive credit be given to the researcher who publishes his/her research first?
  • How long should I wait for a response from the journal?
  • What do journal editors spot first in a submission package?

Send us your query at . Please mention the following in the subject line of your email: [Lab name: _ _ _ ] Query on the journal submission process Have further queries about Editage for Labs? Contact us at or +1(833)979-0061.