Terms and conditions

Job delivery

An editing assignment is considered delivered when at least one of the following conditions is fulfilled:

  • There is an email notification confirming job delivery in the message archive of your EditageOnlineTM account and/or your email account registered with us.
  • You have received the edited files as an attachment by email.
  • You have received the job delivery notification along with FTP details (in the case of large files).
Job delay

An editing assignment is considered delayed if none of the above conditions have been fulfilled by the delivery date and time given by us at the time of job confirmation.

How refunds are made
  • The full fee is waived if you have not yet made the payment.
  • If you have already made the payment, the fee amount is credited to your Editage account and can be used against future assignments, or the amount is returned to you. (You can choose the option that suits you.)
  • To return payments made by bank transfer, we will wire back the payment within a week. For credit card payments, the refund will be reflected in your next credit card statement.
  • All refunds will be processed at the sole discretion of the Management
Office hours (GMT):
Sunday 1430 to Friday 1630 
Saturday 0330 to 1230

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