10 Posts the Editage Insights community viewed the most in 2019

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10 Posts the Editage Insights community viewed the most in 2019

Our editorial team is passionate about bringing to you content that you would find inspiring, useful, interesting, and current.  In 2019, we published several learning-based content pieces and answered the questions posted by you on the Q&A forum. We thought it would be interesting to share with you which of these were viewed the most by our readers across the globe. As we had expected, most of these are related to conducting research and writing a research paper. Read on to find out if you missed reading any of these.

1. Don't know where to start? 6 Tips on identifying research gaps

How do you decide which research problem you should study? Early career researchers often find themselves in a fix when they have to choose a research topic that is original and innovative. This article shares some tips on identifying a knowledge gap or an unexplored area.

2. What is a concept paper?

Your search for the answer to the above question ends here since this post throws light on what a concept paper is and what the components of a concept paper are.

3. 7 Biases to avoid in qualitative research

What are the biases faced by qualitative researchers and are there any means of avoiding them? This post details the different types of biases and the measures researchers should take to conduct research objectively.

4. What is conceptual framework in research?

This is a question that confounds several researchers. In this post, our publication expert explains the conceptual and theoretical framework used when writing the background of a study or a thesis.

5. What is the meaning of scope and delimitations of a study?

Scope and delimitations are the elements of a research paper or thesis. Understand the nitty-gritties of what they mean and how you should include them in your writing.           

6. 11 Commonly confused elements of a research paper

Often early career researchers struggle to understand the difference between different parts of a manuscript. This article throws light on the differences between the 11 most commonly confused sections and elements of a research paper.

7. What are the limitations of a study and how to write them?

If you’ve wondered what the limitations of a study refer to, which part of the research paper they should be included in, and whether any guidelines should be followed when writing them out, this is your go-to post.

8. How do I present the scope of my study?

The scope of a study explains the extent to which the research area will be explored in the work and specifies the parameters within which the study will be operating. This post discusses the basics of how you should present the scope of your study and what should be included in it. 

9. What are research objectives?

Find out in this post what research objectives refer to and find quick tips on how you can define them for your research project. 

10. How to write the Discussion section in a qualitative paper?

This post breaks down the fundamentals of writing the Discussion section in a qualitative paper. Read on to know what this section should include.

Feel free to share any other posts that you found particularly helpful. We wish you a very happy new year! We’ve some great content in store for you, so see you in 2020 with some more helpful resources!

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Published on: Dec 30, 2019

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