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About Editage Insights

Who is it for?

Editage Insights has something for anyone with an interest in scholarly publishing. Our aim is to provide useful learning and information to authors, researchers, journal editors, and publishers.

Early career researchers

Are you a doctoral student or young researcher preparing for publication? From guidelines on preparing various sections of a manuscript to tips on interacting with journal editors, our range of multi-format, interactive, and downloadable learning resources will help you understand the publication process better.


Senior researchers

Are you looking for information on the latest trends in academic publishing? Are you looking for practical resources and case studies to share with your students? Editage Insights is the right platform for you. Access our resources to stay abreast of the latest news and events in the industry, or use our learning material as a teaching aid.


Journal and publishers

Journal editors can engage their authors by sharing their journal’s best practices with authors, through interviews and guest contributions. They can also learn from the experiences of other industry experts and share their views on the latest global trends in the industry.


Academic institutions and groups

Are you looking to direct your members and students to a practical, one-stop resource for learning and information about academic publishing? Do they get lost in the deluge of available information and have trouble identifying credible sources?

You can now have Editage Insights content, on the topic of your choice and in any of our four languages, flow directly onto your institutional website.

How the Editage Insights plug-in can help your institution:
  • You save institutional costs of building an in-house support team to resolve students’/members’ queries about publication.
  • You can provide your students/members with an exhaustive resource library on a single platform, including Q&A with our publication experts.
  • Hosting useful resources for students/members can help improve your institutional ranking in the long run.