Video: An overview of CrossRef and its products

An overview of CrossRef and its products

We are in conversation with Rachael Lammey, Product Manager at CrossRef, a not-for-profit membership organization for scholarly publishing. In this first snippet (of a six-part interview series), Rachael briefly talks about the different products CrossRef offers to help introduce efficiencies in academic publishing with the help of article metadata:

  • The Digital Object Identifier (DOI), permanently links published content and make it easier to trace it.
  • CrossCheck is a plagiarism detection service that helps identify overlapping or identical parts of text by comparing it against a database of published articles.
  • CrossMark is a logo that helps readers identify whether they are viewing an updated/the latest version of an article.
  • FundRef helps publishers provide funding related information. CrossRef also recently launched a text and data mining service to help centralize data mining of content provided by different publishers on different platforms. 

Watch the video to learn more about the products and how they can benefit researchers and publishers in their work.

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