Q: Are there any online services that convert your thesis into a journal article?

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I'm currently working as a resident in Canada. I have a tight schedule and no free time as I'm working full time and also working on research and teaching. I have a thesis I did when I completed my masters program that I would love to get published. I was wondering if there were any online services that could take my thesis and convert it into an appropriate journal article.

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There are several services online for converting a thesis into a journal article, in fact, even for writing a thesis and other content items, be it in research, academia, or beyond. You should be able to easily find and identify one that suits your need.

However, we would like to suggest a somewhat different path. Understandably, you have your hands quite full, and even seem to be occupied beyond your regular hours, perhaps even into weekends. Nevertheless, for several reasons, it may help to work out the article on your own.

For one, as you would well know, the academic and publication rigor that comes from manuscript writing and publishing will only add to your credentials. Also, even if you were to outsource this task as you are planning, there are several actions and milestones involved in this, such as identifying a particular topic for the article, updating for recent literature and findings, and reviewing and finalizing the service’s output. This may take up considerable time and effort, leading you to eventually believe that you may well have done it yourself – and perhaps a better job too. (This is especially as your writing seems quite fluid.) Finally, outsourcing your writing entirely would be considered ghost writing, which is a grey area as far as publication ethics goes.

So, you could consider a couple of alternatives.

  • You could write the article yourself and submit to a manuscript editing service. You could write the article in your spare time (such as weekends, if they are not so packed as your week). Sure, given your present scene, this may take a while, but a little bit each day or even on weekends can gradually add up. In some time (be it a few weeks or months), you might see the foundation of a potentially great article. You could then submit this article to a manuscript editing service (we offer one too), who can help make your manuscript submission-ready and perhaps more likely to be accepted too, as the service essentially mirrors the journal review process. This way, you get a robust manuscript and also the satisfaction that you did it yourself (with some help from the service, of course). Note: these services are not counted as ghost writing as they do not do the writing for you, only the revising and finalizing. As your challenge seems to be with time rather than with writing, such a service, by helping you through the revisions and finalization, can help you save some much needed time. Of course, you could also choose not to use such a service and go it solo.
  • You could wait until you are a bit more free. Given that you seem quite busy, it may not be a bad idea to push off your publication goals to a time when you are feeling a bit more on top time-wise, just as we suggested to this researcher. When you have more time to spare, you could get back to the task, and it may actually go much faster once you have fewer obligations. This is unless of course there is a compelling reason at present to convert the thesis into an article.

All the best for whatever you deem fit to pursue!

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