Are you ready to find out the theme of this year’s Peer Review Week?

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Are you ready to find out the theme of this year’s Peer Review Week?

It’s that time of the year when scholarly communication stakeholders around the world, including academic publishers, associations, institutions, and researchers, start gearing up for the biggest event in scholarly publishing – Peer Review Week1.

Peer Review Week is an annual global event held to celebrate the role peer review plays in the dissemination of reliable, high-quality research. Every year, the event revolves around a theme that focuses on a specific aspect of the peer review process.   

To make the event more inclusive, the Peer Review Week steering committee invited the global academic and scholarly publishing community to vote on the theme. Based on the collective polling, Research Integrity: Creating and supporting trust in research2 was chosen as the focus for Peer Review Week 2022. This is an apt theme at a time when research integrity has been a hot topic of deliberation among members of academia and general public alike.

As you may know, Editage Insights and our parent organization CACTUS have been closely associated with Peer Review Week since its inception. Peer Review Week 2022 is set to take our involvement higher because not only is CACTUS a proud member of the organizing committee of Peer Review Week but this year we’re co-chairing the event too!

Jayashree Rajagopalan, Senior Manager, Global Community Engagement, at Cactus Communications is the co-chair of this year’s event. Sharing her thoughts on the theme for Peer Review Week 2022, Jayashree said: “By focusing on integrity in peer review, PRW 2022 is an unmissable opportunity for the global scholarly publishing community to talk about how peer review helps not only maintain but also strengthen the integrity of critical scientific research.” 3

Peer Review Week 2022 will be held virtually from September 19-23. The Editage Insights team is excited to bring you a host of interactive events and discussions that will explore the theme of integrity in peer review from diverse angles. So stay tuned as we will soon reveal all the details. We can’t wait for Peer Review Week 2022 and we are excited to have you on board!


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2,3 Peer Review Week: 2022 Theme Announcement. Peer Review Week 2022 Explores the Importance of Peer Review in Supporting Research Integrity.

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Published on: Jul 08, 2022


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