Reasons for Rejection

Rejection is the norm in academic publishing. All established researchers are familiar with manuscript rejection. But understanding the possible reasons for journal…
Most common reasons for journal rejection
Did you know that you can avoid some of the most common reasons for journal rejection by paying attention to a few details while writing and submitting your research…
Tips to avoid journal rejection [Free e-book for researchers]
This article shares an editor's experience and views on why papers get rejected. Read on to find out how authors can avoid their manuscript from getting rejected. 
4 Basic reasons a peer reviewer might reject your manuscript
What happens when a bad review ruins the chances of your manuscript's acceptance? Well of course, you have the option to appeal against the journal's decision. But you…
As an author, you might be relieved once your paper receives a conditional acceptance. But what if the journal rejects the paper later, not because the revisions are not…