Peer Review Week 2020

Peer Review Week 2020 is coming up - and we would like you to join us in all the great discussions around peer review!
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Is the need for speed and urgency being balanced by the need for quality in peer review during COVID-19? This article briefly explores this question.
The truth is that love it or hate it, peer reviews play an integral part of the scholarly publishing process and research authors must learn to live with it. But in the…
Do researchers from emerging research countries trust peer review?
As we talk about trust in peer review, the theme of Peer Review Week 2020, we asked top-journal peer reviewers to share their views on this integral process. Read on to…
Trust in peer review, from the perspective of peer reviewers (Part 1)
In Peer Review Week 2020, we discuss trust in peer review with a focus on the main challenges for peer reviewers, and whether AI and technology can change scholarly…
Trust in peer review, from the perspective of peer reviewers (Part 2)
Most researchers gain experience as a peer reviewer when they start reviewing papers themselves. The quality of peer review can have an impact of the trust that journal…
Can peer review training foster trust in the research process?
I must admit that as a young academic, receiving a decision from a journal stirs up some strong emotions. With trembling hands I read the editor’s decision: Major…
How the Monster Jury helped me deal with peer review better
The long-drawn peer review process can be frustrating for not just for researchers, but also for the journal editor. How can you, the author, help accelerate the…
Important pre-submission checks to help you sail through peer review
In some cases it may be challenging to remain patient if the review process is delayed, and critical comments may be disappointing after the substantial effort invested…
Trust in peer review: 5 Researchers share their experiences
This post summarizes the main results of a survey on trust in peer review among Chinese researchers.